The Essence of Eternity - II - The Quest

The Essence of Eternity - II - The Quest

A Chapter by F.P. Chat

The second part...Tita needs to find a way to bring Dubhghall back, but in the meantime she falls in love with ELijah; she doesn't like it! She has a boyfriend, a dead boyfriend! What a mess...


Chapter IV - Elijah



The moment Elijah dematerialized in front of Tita; he had not decided where he needed to go. He just wanted to get the hell out of there. His feelings were like a storm inside. He was furious with her and annoyed and mad and yet very much in love. He couldn't believe that after all these females, and occasionally males, he had in his previous life he would ever fall so hard for someone. And man, it was hard.

He had spent a week already sitting in the dark, at the corner of her room watching her suffer. She never once slept without having the same nightmare. Dubhghall dying again and again and every time she woke up screaming and crying. At the beginning her parents were there every time but she drove them away and then the vamp guy used to visit a lot but always left the room pretty annoyed and angry. He just stayed there, never let anyone see him. There wasn't much he could do anyway; she had to get over this alone. At least that was what he thought at the beginning. Days were passing and she did not get any better though. The parents started to stay away even when she screamed and the bloodsucker missed a couple of visits. It was only then that Elijah realized he had to do something for this situation to change. This was not a fair fight. She was getting deeper and deeper in the nightmare and she lived only on her happy memories. In her mind and in her heart Dubhghall was the love of her life; the one and only. He was losing the game, without even competing. That was enough. For him, for her, for everybody...he needed to help her get over it. Dubhghall had to come back. This was the only way he could win her over him. And he was going to win her; he was going to make her love him, more than she ever loved Dubhghall, more than her life even. She was his.

The next morning he prepared everything for her and dragged her out of bed. She had to understand there are things worth living for. It was so difficult for him to carry her and undress her and bathe her without looking, without touching her as he craved for. He managed it though. He would never make her feel bad or ashamed. He wanted her to feel good, calm and safe. In the end he is her protector on top of everything else he desires. It was going really well; he helped her get dressed and only after she was decent he let his eyes travel her body; she did not seem to bother. And then, just before he achieved his goal to bring her back, she run to the room next door but did not find Dubhghall in there. She got furious.

During this week, he had visited the house twice officially. Both times to see Breandan and discuss with him about the body. Tita had requested that no one moves him out of the house, but neither Breandan nor Em were feeling comfortable having a corpse in their house, lying on the bed. Elijah was willing to handle it. Not for Breandan or Em but for Tita. He strongly believed that the dead body should not be in there. It was just an empty carcass anyway. Dubhghall was not in there, neither would he ever be again, as even if they could bring him back it was highly unlikely that this would continue being his body. So he took it out of the house and wrapped it in leaves and a cloth and placed it in a wooden box in the woods. He did not bury it though. They never bury the bodies but he couldn't burn him either. He was afraid that Tita would never forgive him if he had turned it to ashes without her knowing. Guess what! He was damn right.

Seeing her getting so angry, he snapped. He couldn't believe that she did not appreciate anything he did and all she cared about was the corpse. He had to remind to himself a couple of times that what is self-evident to him, who has lived many centuries, may not be the same for Tita, who has entered this new life just a month ago. That empty body seemed to mean more to her than anything else. He was getting really mad with all her stupid devotion and obligation to Dubhghall and just like that he exploded. He told her so many awful things; more than he should ever have told her and she was left speechless. She looked socked, as she had just realized that he is also a male. He has strength and passion inside and he is arrogant indeed. Oh man, what did she expect, that he would continue being nice and kind, watching her reject him like that; for what? No, he couldn't stand it. He was getting ready to tell her more but she did not reply anything; so he did not continue. She could not manage to get a word out. He realized then that most probably he had just spoiled any chance he may ever had with her. She would not forgive him ever for being so cruel and awful. He was afraid that this was the last time he would ever see her; there was not much to lose. He kissed her with all his anger and passion and although she tried to push him away, she ended up holding him stronger. She entered his arms and his tongue got deeper in her mouth, savoring her lovely taste and scent. He couldn't stop the kiss; it was maybe the best kiss he ever had. Everything was easy for him before meeting her; she was the challenge of his life. He knew he had to get out of there before he ended up trying to undress her on the spot and make love to her. That would be too much for the day. He did not want her to say anything, or try to rationalize what happened, so he disappeared.

After a long time drifting around in no specific form, he ended up in the woods; at the place where Dubhghall's body was laying. He had covered the coffin with dirt and leaves to make it invisible to human eyes and as he materialized right next to it, he started throwing the leaves away and cleaning the dirt from it as a maniac; for no specific reason. He was just furious and he needed to discharge all this energy. Thousands of thoughts were passing through his mind, most of them focusing on burning the coffin and just get the hell out of this place. Never see Tita again and find one or the other way to release the sexual tension of his body. Yes, this was what he needed, another woman; one who would want him and welcome him in her body. This was a good plan. He needed to start the fire.

Then, for no reason at all, his hand moved to his torso and touched her keeper. He still had it around his neck. She had asked him to keep it that night after the fight. That night that she cleaned his wounds and healed him. That night that he kissed her and stayed with her. That night that she fed him her blood. Her blood was unique. The memory of the taste filled his mouth again and all of a sudden he collapsed on the ground unable to move or think anymore. He did not want another woman. He had plenty of women in the past but he never had this feeling of lust and need for anyone else. He needed Tita and she needed him. She may have been too scared to admit it but she needed him. Frustration grew in him. He just did not know what to do. He had been kind and caring and he had been cruel and arrogant and nothing seemed to work with her. A tear left his eye and as it touched the ground a small puddle of water was magically created; the reflection of his face told him he looked awful. He wasn't shining as usual or looking attractive at all. Then the image changed and he saw Tita in it, as beautiful as she looked this morning; her body more skinny than a week ago but her eyes burning with passion and anger. She had feelings for him, he knew that. He could feel it whenever he was around her, he just didn't know if those feelings were still encouraging or, after this morning, he had destroyed everything.

He decided he would not go to her. He would let come to him first. He did not want to have her keeper though. For one reason, he did not want her to feel obliged to see him to get it and for another reason, he was not a very good protector lately, so he did not deserve it. He had to return it to her as soon as possible.






He did not know what time it was; he never kept track of time as humans do, and he did not know for how long he had been sitting in the woods thinking about everything that happened, but the sun was still up, so the day was not over. He stood up and decided to go to her house right that moment; better sooner than later. He covered the coffin again, thinking it was so stupid to do all this extra work, just because he could not control his temper, and when he finished he disappeared instantly. He wandered around Tita's house for a while, trying to understand who was in there. Tita was, for sure, he could feel her but there was no sign from her mum or dad. Anyway, he did not want to see anybody, so once he realized she was on the ground floor, he entered her room from the open window and took his usual form. It was getting a bit darker but for him there was no need to turn on the light. His vision had always been excellent. He touched her pillow and sniffed the air; he could still sense the wonderful perfume oil he had applied to her tattered body this morning. Instantly he got excited and eager. A picture of her naked body came in his mind and he had to close his eyes and take a few moments to relax his body. He had a task to fulfill. He took the keeper off around his neck and placed it carefully on her pillow, but before he left the room he heard her climbing up the stairs. He turned to mist again and waited in there to see her, just one last time.

Tita entered her room feeling full from all the food she had, relaxed and refreshed. She had spent the entire day in the house with her mum and dad, just watching TV and listening to music. She did not want to go outside to avoid meeting anyone; it was too early for her. She just needed to gather her thoughts and decide what she wanted to do onwards. Her parents were very supportive and discreet and she felt good. It was time to get ready to go find them at the pub. It was getting late in the evening and she wanted to spend the night with them there. All the day she has been thinking about Elijah and how the previous incidence between them would affect their relationship in the future. She was really angry at first but the more she thought about it, the more she understood him. Her dad had told her everything that happened and how kindly he treated the body and all. He was doing all this for her. He had to recognize him at least that.

The instant she went close to her bed, she saw her keeper. She looked around seeking for Elijah but he was not in there. She could feel him though. Like that time she knew he was in the room although he had disappeared. She held her keeper in her hand and felt like someone had ripped her heart. This was it then? He had returned it to her? He was leaving her as well? Her eyes flooded with tears and she sat on her bed to avoid collapsing. She could not believe this was happening. This morning they had a bad moment but she could not lose him. She thought they would get over it and become... what? What could they become? Up until then Elijah was the one offering and she just stepped on him and took everything without giving anything back. Would they ever become friends? That wasn't enough for Elijah. Would he ever become her protector again? He had promised to her that he would help her find a way to bring Dubhghall back, and then, as he had set it, he would get out of her face. She did not want him to get out of her face. He did not want him to get out of her life. She was realizing once again that although she loved D, she may also have fell in love with Elijah in the meantime. Was that possible? What would she do?






Seeing her crying for him was maybe the hardest thing Elijah had faced in his life. He couldn't appear though. He did not want her to know he has been watching her. He was dying to hold her in his arms and comfort her and yet he managed to stay still. He barely did. He had to get out of the room or he would make a fool of himself by materializing in front of her and wipe her eyes and hold her and kiss her. He wanted to take the pain away but at the same time he was a bit content, not by watching her suffer, but by knowing that she also craved for him, needed him. He just hoped that she would also seek for him and meet him. He dematerialized back in the woods and took a while until he got his breath and peace back.



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i LOVED this chapter. the plot is fast paced and exciting. I can't wait to read some more of this book :D

Posted 5 Years Ago

F.P. Chat

5 Years Ago

Thanks for reading.
I am glad you liked it...I have much more, so I will upload something soo.. read more
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Quite the Gothic ride. Buster Keaton couldn't match the plot sizzling along at warp speed. I love it! Bravo

Posted 5 Years Ago

F.P. Chat

5 Years Ago

Thanks for your feedback...I am glad you liked it... :)
Nick Myers

5 Years Ago

It is very well written, you did a teriffic job
F.P. Chat

5 Years Ago

Thanks! Btw I appreciate you read it. I know it's time consuming to review book chapters.

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I am Filio and I am really new to the art of writing. Don't take this wrong, I have been reading since I can remember, mainly focusing on Fiction / Fantasy for the last few years, but although I alway.. more..


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