Last Words(Full Version)

Last Words(Full Version)

A Story by Kirby Inc.

A tale of old friends turned against each other by the cruel hands of fate. Full version of a story I wrote for the Flash Fiction contest.


   Night had fallen, however a lone lamp cast its gloomy glow over the rooftop. A man stood alone just outside of the light's protection, captivated by the nighttime atmosphere of the city. His eyes darted here and there, searching, scanning the surrounding skyscrapers. Satisfied, he checked his watch.

   “11:14?” he mumbled to himself, “Late again...” He let out an exhausted sigh and looked up at the night sky. A quick flash of lightning caught his attention in the distance; a storm was approaching. Hoping it was a good sign, he carefully considered his words for the coming confrontation.

   Soft footsteps broke the silence as another figure, a woman, emerged onto the roof.

   “I want answers, Guy,” she said, pulling a gun on him. He froze, caught off guard by the visitor; This was the last thing he had expected!

   “Of course you do, Lyn.” he sighed submissively, turning to face her. She pointed the gun at him, hands shaking. “If you would just listen to me...would you even believe me?”

   “I-I don't know...” stammered Lyn.

   Guy crossed his arms, glaring at her. “Then, why are you here?” he asked.

   No answer. Lyn looked away, brushing a tear from her eye.

   “I see...” said Guy, “You're here to kill me.”

   Tears began to well up uncontrollably in her eyes. “I never wanted this!” she cried.

   “Neither did I,” he sighed, turning away, “Neither did I.”

   “When we were kids, you promised...” Lyn said, tears openly streaming down her face, “We promised we'd be there for each other forever! I...I trusted you!”

   Barely smiling, he thought back to the simple peace that was their childhood. That was over, gone. Where had he gone wrong? “Word of advice, Lyn,” he said, “This killing thing is much easier on both sides when you don't talk to the victim.”

   “Tell me why, Guy!” she yelled, shaking off his last comment, “Why did you betray us?”

   Guy's eyes widened in surprise. “He didn't even tell his daughter?” he whispered to himself. Turning to face her again, he looked upset. “Ask your father, Lyn,” he told her.

   “G-Guy...” she cried, “I need to hear it from you!” Guy flinched, pain in his eyes. “ANSWER ME!”

   CRACK! A shot rang out, echoing through the silence of the night like thunder. Panicking, Lyn dropped her gun, fell to her knees, and looked up at Guy. He stumbled forward clumsily, eyes wide with shock. He was struggling to breathe, and a dark red stain was spreading slowly on his shirt. Lyn let out a cry of shock as he fell forward, running to his side.

   “Lyn...” he gasped.

   She grabbed his hand and held it tight. “Don't talk, Guy, I'll get help!”

   “No...” he struggled, “I want to tell you...everything...”

   “Guy...” she whispered, crying.

   He sat up with Lyn's help, took a few deep breaths, and began to talk. “I never saw it coming,” he smiled, “In hindsight, it was the perfect plan.”

   “W-what are you saying?” she stammered.

   “Your father set me up,” he said, looking her in the eye.

   “No! It can't be!” she sobbed.

   “It's the only explanation, Lyn,” he continued, “You see, it was your father that set up my supposed 'betrayal'. I wanted to find my parents' killers, and he wanted a mole inside their organization.” He paused, gathering himself, while Lyn was trying to comprehend what she was hearing. “I...have been betrayed... Lyn... by your father. I'm only mad I didn't realize it before now. He comes forward with knowledge of a mole, me, in their ranks, well, they'll pay quite well. They value loyalty above all else.”

   “But, how do you know what happened here?” Lyn asked.

   “The same thing happened to my parents,” he replied, tears in his eyes. Composing himself, he changed the subject. “I noticed the sniper before you got here. I just didn't make the connection was too late...” Suddenly, he broke into a fit of coughing. He covered his mouth, but soon realized he was coughing up blood.

   “Guy, stay with me! Please!” Lyn cried, looking terrified.

   “Heh. You know something, Lyn?” Guy asked.


   “I've done a lot of dumb things lately, Lyn, but there's one I'll never forgive myself for...”

   She held his hand tightly, praying that it would be enough to keep him alive. “What is it?”

   “You were right, Lyn. I broke that promise we made when we were kids,” he said, squeezing her hand back, “I'm sorry... I'll never forgive myself... for abandoning you...”

   “I forgive you, Guy,” she cut him off, choking back tears, “It's okay now... I understand...” Lyn forced a smile. “You can make it up to me... We can renew that vow...”

           He smiled, looking truly at peace for the first time that night. “You know...” he whispered, “You're so beautiful when you smile...” He looked away, smile fading. “I'm afraid I can't... do that... Lyn.”

   "Don't say that!” she sobbed, “Please! Don't die! I can't lose you!” She searched her soul, trying to find the strength to say those words she had neglected for so many years.

   Reaching a hand up and touching her cheek, Guy, now crying himself, said, “Lyn... I-I always... loved you...” His arm fell limp as his grip loosened on her hand.

   “Guy?” she asked nervously, “Guy?!” She took his pulse; Realizing the truth, she held him close, tears flowing freely. “I love you, Guy. I love you. I'll always love you...”





© 2009 Kirby Inc.

Author's Note

Kirby Inc.
Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Any feedback is greatly appreciated; I'd love to hear your opinions!

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brilliant ...
i loved it it ..
the description of the surrounding in the beginning was really catchy...
thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us =P

Posted 8 Years Ago

this is good but i'd like to know whats going on. this sounds like an epiloge last or second to last chpter to me.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I liked this version better! Much more detailed, emotional, and beautiful! I loved it! Wonderful story! :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

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