Bad Blood

Bad Blood

A Poem by gabi123

The past is a frightening thing,

because of all the pain it can bring.

It haunts you in your sleep,

constantly making you cry and weep.

All your laughter fades,

the light turns to grey shades.

The wall you built to block the past,

Is gone, shattered at last.

The bad blood is coursing through your veins,

leaving brand new, unwashable stains.

It is eliminating all hopes and desires,

eradicating all your chances of survival.

Misery is a new companion,

bringing along with it bad passion.

You break through the roof of sanity

Leaving shards of profanity.

Things that shouldn't matter any longer,

all at once come back ten times stronger.

Past experiences seem to linger

My memory’s lethal sap clingier

That time you sat down on the floor

That time you locked the door

That time you stopped thinking anymore

You grab the pills, shaken to your core

That time you thought the sun was black

That friends are ready to attack

You see the wall blocking your dreams

But I stay still, listening to my own screams

The time the door to your dreams was shattered

The time your life’s desires were scattered

That time you didn’t know that you were crushed

That time your mind’s walls kept you hushed

That time he touched you

And you finally knew

He’s destroyed your glass kingdom

And he knew he’d wrecked you wisdom

And as your mind’s walls keep growing

You can’t help but knowing

One day you’ll have to break it

Curse the bad blood in a holy writ

And someday you may lay

Waiting for the holy ray

It will free your mind

It will make the walls unwind

But until that ray comes

Death himself beats his drums

As the walls move closer

And the bad blood becomes coarser.

© 2017 gabi123

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Added on March 15, 2017
Last Updated on March 15, 2017



Chappaqua, NY

I am a 10 year old, who loves to write! more..

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