A Poem by Gabrielle Lyn

Each door appears as a wall
There is no passing
or telling
what is behind
but I think it must be better
than being trapped with only
the company
of my own mind

I bang my fists
against the brick
until my hands bleed,
my bones break
and I can no longer scream
Can anybody help me?

Like a tease
the breeze
slips through the cracks
It cradles me like a baby
making me believe
It's fresh air
When really
I am just being

Every fingernail broken
from scratching
at the cement
Once I almost made it
but I think I had the wrong door

Everyone claimed it was heaven
when I saw nothing genuine
nothing more
than a facade
the ways
they sang and played
as if pain
didn't exist

They saw through me like a ghost
They noticed
 I was different than most
So they shoved me back
They said I did not belong
I wanted to believe they were wrong
But they weren't
not at all

The grass is always greener
on the other side
So I lit a match
and tried to see
If possibly
this place holding me captive
could actually
set me free

Then for the first time
I realized
I was not alone
there were
people all around me
for that door to be opened
so I went and befriended
a few of them
and now
the last thing
I want
is to leave
because I have seen
the other side
and the grass is not

© 2017 Gabrielle Lyn

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Added on March 16, 2017
Last Updated on May 29, 2017
Tags: #poetry #poem #empowering


Gabrielle Lyn
Gabrielle Lyn

Boston, MA

19 years old. RWU 2019, English and Secondary Education major. more..

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A Poem by Gabrielle Lyn