A Story by Heyns

I've been using a book by the San Francisco Writers Grotto to spur my writing. This is one of the many exercises


Where is it?

I just had it. I put it on the table and then...where did I go from there. I must have, no. Then I... well no. I didn't. You know maybe I put it down when I was...

I could help if you let me.

I know I'm just thinking about... you know I had it when... but then what did I do with it.

I'm not even sure I know what it is you lost.

I told you, didn't I? It's my...HEY! I think I remembered where I left. Come on, I think its on the other side of the. No... I...

Hey, watch where you're stopping. I ran right in to you. If you're going to take off on full tilt at least warn me when you stop. And now you're walking the other direction. I'd help if you stopped muttering.

I must

Wow. You think she's a lesbo? She has a phone just like yours. No, girl I know that's into dudes would have that phone. Unless, she's as clumsy as you.


Oh my god! Get her! Stop that girl! The one smiling because she's probably seeing my friends naked pictures from last night's party!! Woohoo! Lesbo drop that phone!!

Hey this is my phone!

Does your phone have a hello kitty background.

You could've changed that yourself, you conniving thieving...uh! There is no word bad enough to call someone who... oh sorry this is your phone. Cute girl friend, my friend here will probably want your number but we'll just leave now.

I knew she was a Lesbo! Hahaha! Well are we going to walk around the entire mall? We should just tell the cops.

You jerk! I may like girl's but going around screaming lesbo is just demeaning!

Oh, its not that I dislike lesbo-ians its just that they discriminate from letting me join there fun... Run she's going to hit us!

Us?! you mean you dumbass! Ahh!! Run!

Hey, she's got the same phone! No way two Lesbo, I mean, -ians have the same phone.

You can't keep stealing phones for me. Its over!

Hey that's my phone! I bet that one doesn't have a hello kitty background!

Sorry, my EX-girlfriend stole your phone. She's always doing that.

It's ok.

Say can I have your number now that you're...ah!!

Thanks for my phone.

Well, I put my number in there if you wanna grab coffee, just don't bring your friend. Oh, and nice phone.


© 2012 Heyns

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Ah ha! Story! I should have started at the top of your writing...whoopsie! I really like this, very clever. It would have been nice to have quotation marks. Just so it was easier to spot when one speaker stopped talking and a different one started. Other than that…this was too cool for words! "Lesbo-ians" That was brilliant!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on August 27, 2012
Last Updated on August 27, 2012
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