Reality Bites

Reality Bites

A Poem by Kenneth The Poet

back in the closet off the main hall,
the almost adults b***h and complain
about how the path to adulthood is spent
in a building where conformity is demanded
over actual learning

but add two decades worth of time
to all the players involved and you
realize the old saw plays on from
the speakers

life is politics
life is personalities
life is love, loss and laughter
life is death and depression

dank, dark and dour

time stretches on

attitudes remain stagnant

people never file taxes
and overdose on opioids

and the impression remains,
the theme stays firmly in place

Western Civilization is sick and
on a logarithmic slide into oblivion

and needless complication is born
from naturalistic complexity

from one state to another,
the same cash is paid for services
but the formulas used to make zero
balances make even the most
numerically astute cower in fear

because taxation is theft and
a compelling force must be used
to ensure balance reconciliation

and the population accepts the
tradition that taxation is the price
the population pays for living in a
civilized, centralized, collectivized
society openly, willingly, basically

the water of life in a way

dark water
dank water
sewer water

we pump it away because the
compelling force demands to be so

yet it demands payment and a
paperwork filing on our part to
ensure payment was complete

a joke no comedian could write
but that's how it all falls

we complain and do nothing
because it all matters not anyway

we are called human beings after all
because we are just being, not doing

human doings is a moot point,
an oxymoronic musing since
we are humans doing nothing

reality bites 

and so on 

so it goes

© 2017 Kenneth The Poet

Author's Note

Kenneth The Poet
Pfffft blah! Yeah, this bites.

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life is politics
life is personalities
life is love, loss and laughter
life is death and depression

Posted 1 Year Ago

Kenneth The Poet

1 Year Ago

Thank you very much.

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Kenneth The Poet
Kenneth The Poet

Bismarck, ND

Kenneth The Poet is an optimist wrapped in the candy shell of moroseness and cynicism. He lives between the two parallels marked 46 and 49, all while living in the state marked 39. He pretends that he.. more..