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A Poem by Kenneth The Poet

coming of age when the
new millennium started

and noticing

really noticing
how the politicians
are really far away

from you

from everybody

living in palaces and estates
so distant like the focal point
in a perspective piece

and from time slice to time slice,
that maxim becomes the songbook standard

every election at
every level of existence

your local alderman might live in a
gated community and on his or her way
to getting their own minted coin

the monument on the reverse side
lest we forget

that's just life in general

politicians are neighbors
living in home close by
but still far away in terms
of knowing who they are

a sign of the times maybe
or just an extension of what
our society did to itself

internal separation as base
toward external separation eventually

and that point is only gained with perspective

perspective toward the past horizon

and even then the perspective of perspective
remains when the eyes are placed west eternally

lines aiming in on a mythical point 
and then it is really noticed

you are as far away from where 
you started as you began

eternal recurrence

back then and even now

and Robbie Williams plays us
into the ether as Nietzsche
stares thoughtfully into the
three-sixty of it all

the politicians are like the youth,
corrupt and far away at all times
and the connective tissue recurs
back to the inception 

the dream plane inverting back on itself
all while the totem top spins as the screen
fades to black

the outcome determined without being ambiguous

the nature of perspective summarized

© 2017 Kenneth The Poet

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Added on April 10, 2017
Last Updated on April 10, 2017


Kenneth The Poet
Kenneth The Poet

Bismarck, ND

Kenneth The Poet is an optimist wrapped in the candy shell of moroseness and cynicism. He lives between the two parallels marked 46 and 49, all while living in the state marked 39. He pretends that he.. more..