Hard Pill to Swallow

Hard Pill to Swallow

A Poem by Ghost

Hard Pill to Swallow

There are all kinds of medicines out there - in an assorted array of brilliant colors,

White, purple, pink, red, yellow, even little blue ones - all for different ailments,

They come legally, both over-the-counter and prescribed, and they can be found illegally as well,

God knows they’re simple to take, no matter what they’re for - you can always get them somewhere.

You can take them morning, noon, or night - it's what you do when you feel the need,

Shhhh, listen to the doctor as he says, ‘take one… it will help’, while he scribbles on his pad,

You have one for allergies, one to stay awake, one for weight loss, and even one for sanity,

Ladies, you have one to prevent babies and men have one to help them rise to the occasion.

Everywhere you look there are pills, pills, pills - we are taught to accept the medicine reality,

Your mind, your body - racked with pain but nothing helps - so give your peace and serenity over to our Lord,

Come and pray, surrender to Him and let Him heal your heart, your soul with His touch,

God’s love alone can cover all and it is through Him that we can find comfort.

Love and religion don't come in a magic pill and we must embrace honesty to heal,

God helps us to stop feeling unworthy, feeling crippled with doubt, and letting our words betray us,

He helps find the answers to what we have suffered; He helps us apologize for the consequences of our wrongs,

So that we may evolve from our secrets and all our lies - to show us how to be brave and confess the truth,

And no matter how I brush it to the side, even I must admit the truth will always be a hard pill to swallow....



© 2018 Ghost

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Added on March 8, 2018
Last Updated on April 4, 2018



Columbus, OH

I have been writing since high school (that seems like it was along time ago). I used to post on a site called thestarlitecafe but lost touch of it and when I returned it had changed so much. But I st.. more..