Missing him!

Missing him!

A Story by lavina k.

This story relates to a part where we feel lost with all the happiness around us, where we cry with sadness even in our good and perfect times. We all must have seen a part like this in our lifetime!


I never thought that I would be so upset even after so many months of our separation. I guess we got separated by just name not by our hearts.

Or probably, I am only missing him or he may have moved on.

Ah! This life never thought would land me up to a situation where my happiness is causing me more pain. A perfect partner is what a girl dreams of and having one takes her to Cloud 9 but when your perfect moment starts causing you more pain than normal life, that what hits you more.

I am facing a situation in life where I am more sad than happy. Although everything is good, a perfect life, a good job, a happy family and soon a perfect life partner will be with me but somewhere all these things are killing me inside.

He is somewhere hidden inside me as a part of my body which I am unable to take out of me. And trust me I don't want to! I haven't kept any wrong memories of us but only those memories which haunt me more. And to be very frank, I am still in love with those haunted memories :)

I have no clue what he feels for me, what he believes to be true or not to be true. But I am still in love with him. Its not that he is the only person I have dated, but only one person whom I have loved.

Part of me still wants those moments back, still want to hold it tightly but it wasn't that perfect I am sure but it was amazingly-the best. Those memories of him where I completely lost myself in his love was nevertheless the best moments of my life. The craziness I felt for him I won't be able to give it to anyone. I literally gave him the soul inside me with all the love, with all my strength.

When your guy says you those three magical words, you should feel happy, that's how it makes you feel lovely. But with every loving word I listen from my perfect to-be partner, I remember how he proposed me, how he loved me from my past.

Those feelings of love from my past can never replace any best feelings in my present. Those lovely moments can never get erased from the core of my heart. This is how I keep missing him and I am sure I will do that forever my life!

© 2016 lavina k.

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if your craving is genuine ..
this temporary separation..
will come to an end..
you will meet him..
and relive those moments...

there is a basic longing in a human being..
to banish a feeling of incompleteness..
if relationships could help it..
its fantastic...
but only a few succeed in the attempt..

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on February 4, 2016
Last Updated on February 4, 2016
Tags: love, heart aches, breakups, separation


lavina k.
lavina k.

jaipur, India

I am a person who is completely new in this World of writing your Expressions. I love the way life holds all of us in its hands, and it shows how we are entangled in the power of time. Sometimes lif.. more..