"Mushroom Clouds in Magic Land"   IN COLLABORATION WITH FRIEDA

"Mushroom Clouds in Magic Land" IN COLLABORATION WITH FRIEDA

A Poem by Einstein Noodle

i am missing Ms. Frieda and decided to re-post this poem which we did together .. i am so angry how one very nasty person was able to drive her from the Cafe :(

Mushroom Clouds in Magic Land

Tapped upon a mushroom cap's fancy,
      to see if the rabbit hole was rumor
curiouser and curiouser
     about the unimaginable avenue,

She opens my mind and
fear grips my colors
from the hinterland .....                   tremors
           and blink   
                              and nod

As I sat upon my newfangled gumption
   common sense took a recess,
 spoke in rhyme to the tune of absurd
     to my surprise, the scaramouch    
                 of a head talked back

my birthing in darkness
          musk and dank scent
knocks        my shroom
head explodes
            collide's scope intense

in his elegant persuasion,
made a date for half past daft
took me on a dip of a mystical carpet trip
 alas,  we've lived happily ever after
upon a prime floating island in a cloud

clouds of words
spilling like rough gouged stones in
tumbler's majestic insane
forever now i

re-pronounce her name

beginning and

end... ;)


© 2016 Einstein Noodle

Author's Note

Einstein Noodle

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What a superb collaboration from you and dear, dear Frieda = yours are minds that walk the same space.. perhaps!

There's so much in this piece, the colour and highlights take the reader into a world of bewilderingly spaced.out somewhere. The phrasing you've used is another language, a magic not to be translated - and who would want to do that...all of us!

Lewis Carrol would undoubtedly want to join the two of you in another collab, happily sharing his enlightenment via any means - even holding the breath and flying off and away with the daisies. . Brava and brava again.. Loved this. Great musical accompaniment, by the way... ..

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Einstein Noodle

11 Months Ago

yes,,to all that dear emma...i raise my voice with you ... unfortunately i have little hope she will.. read more

11 Months Ago

STILL and always will miss Frieda. She taught me how to giggle, curse, raise a pinky, talk insanitie.. read more


bloody brilliant. You captured the joys of a good trip from a liberty cap far better than I ever could. Especially love the phrase newfangled gumption. Most enjoyable

Posted 1 Week Ago

Einstein Noodle

1 Week Ago

ahahahaha i could have known you would find this one first Egg! ;) that's Frieda's line and many agr.. read more

1 Week Ago

you know me too well already :o)
I know I originally said I’d likely check out your “The Embroidered Mind” first, but something made me decide to look at this first. :P

Firstly, I’m touched by your note about your dear friend Ms. Frieda. I’m so sorry that one person drove your friend from the Café. I absolutely loved the poem, and while I can read it from a perspective without that knowledge, when I look at it through the lens of your reminiscing eyes…It truly adds to the poem. I can feel the emotions present in the collab, and it’s a magical little sentimental journey.

As far as the poem itself…bravo! Y’all got away with much that I think would be “criticized” highly in other poems. The way certain lines require a double take to understand the connect, the mystery and unavoidably subjective wanderings of the readers mind that your use of white space beckons forth… If there is any disconnect at all, it is not major, and in the case of your theme only adds to the poem beautifully to fully engulf a reader in the “shroom” :)

I particularly enjoyed the lines, “spoke in rhyme to the tune of absurd”, and “made a date for half past daft”. The use of “older” language throughout…daft…alas…very appropriate. I also like how in a literal sense of the poem the second stanza opens by personifying the effects of this “shroom”, with “she opens my mind”. To me, anyway, it seems this is what that refers to, and I enjoyed it.

The only line still ponder over is the very first, “tapped upon a mushroom cap’s fancy”…I’m not sure what the intent was for that line, or what you meant by it. Perhaps with a few more reads I’ll get an “ah-ha” over it ;)

Also, I like that you linked a song with the poem. Is this what inspired the poem..?

I appreciate you for sharing this work with everyone here, and with me! Thank you.


Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Einstein Noodle

2 Weeks Ago

thank you so much for such a thorough examination of this poem ... i am relieved it passed through t.. read more
The Gent Called Alex

1 Week Ago

She sounds pretty awesome! There is certainly a lot of personality in the poem, I think easily recog.. read more
Einstein Noodle

1 Week Ago

i will for sure!
I'm not surprised to see a Poetess collaborating with You here (sorry that Your dear friend had left), to me this was Her way taking You into her own wonderland, the feeling of (Einstein in Wonderland) is all there from the first lines until the last words, it was like stepping into Your own very mind, to see how He thinks, sees, dreams, and go insane into wonderful places out of our times and spaces... how He writes, and how He falls in love as She takes him away in a very magical unique wondrous way. This poem is magic.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

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3 Weeks Ago

I just did!

the song also is a world of its own, when Love between two expressed wit.. read more
Einstein Noodle

3 Weeks Ago

yes! i do believe i do believe! :))))))))

3 Weeks Ago

BTW, You are so very welcome my dear friend, and love, love, love... peace and magic always*
Love this poem. Don't you know if you'll remember me Noodle, but if you do, that's something. The vibe of this poem is so psychedelic, it feels more psychedelic than my profile picture (it's the cover to a classic psych-rock album) and I think this poem is great because it's like I've shut my eyes at the end of the day, exhausted and waking up in a magic wonderland, never described better than this.It seems like you and Ms. Frieda had the best combination of words to describe such a fantasy, like psychedelia in words. I find such imagination in this satisfying, because, ANYTHING can happen in Magic Land.

Posted 4 Weeks Ago


4 Weeks Ago

I’ve deleted all my poems that you may have commented on and started fresh. Most of my poems were .. read more
Einstein Noodle

3 Weeks Ago

ahahahaha yes the Alzheimer's :))))))))))))) thanks for the chuckle ..my family would most likely te.. read more

3 Weeks Ago

At least you care and tell the truth. I have suspicions that some may just want to make me happy. I .. read more
Very descriptive poems! I enjoyed readig it! it was clever!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Einstein Noodle

1 Month Ago

Thanks JungLee! nice to meet you here on the Mushroom Cloud ;) it was a fun collaboration and I am g.. read more
I try enjoyed your poem, I felt it was very mysterious and magical.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Einstein Noodle

1 Month Ago

thank you Simba ... i surely do appreciate you giving it a go! ;) it is pretty enigmatic and symboli.. read more
Although I'm not familiar with who others are referring to as dear Frieda, your poem (tapping into the mushroom cloud,) is certainly a twist on Lewis Carroll's, "Alice in Wonderland." I enjoyed your interpretation in collaboration with Frieda. :-)

I'll leave you with "“I don't think..." then you shouldn't talk, said the Hatter.”

So, I won't. :-)

Posted 1 Month Ago

Einstein Noodle

1 Month Ago

ahahaha thanks so much Tamara! a lovely, uplifting review ... i think .. so i guess i'll keep talkin.. read more
Like ur poem im writing a childrens book called the magical giant shoe have any ideas for me

Posted 2 Months Ago

Einstein Noodle

2 Months Ago

hi Angel!!! what a treat that you landed on this one .. i appreciate your time taken and your remark.. read more
Such memories this brought to me of Alice and Lewis Carroll. Took me back in time it did. Your collaboration with Frieda a delight to read on a glorious morning. Mystical, magical and endearing, it's all here, gift wrapped for your readers. Time for me to greet the day by rising from my bed. Thank you for this treat. You and Frieda produced something special here Mr. E. Top of the morning to you.


Posted 2 Months Ago

Einstein Noodle

2 Months Ago

ah Christine ... how you bless my heart with your review and remembrance of our friend ... i haven't.. read more

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