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Call Me Human, Trinity, Lord of the Demon King, Mortal Gods, Aurora

Call Me Human, Trinity, Lord of the Demon King, Mortal Gods, Aurora

A Chapter by Haeshin

Call Me Human

A trial job with a security firm sends the optimistic, over-qualified Dion Clotaire into the world of mercenaries and human experimentation, or is it the other way around? For the sake of a not-quite-human friend Dion searches for the people whose work unleashed disease, monsters, and mutations all over the world and even into space. It's hard to believe that all this is one big monument of love for mankind.









The past, the soul, and the future: Matthew Sutter has always been able to see these things by using ink like the Rorschach ink blot test. His desire to live peacefully is challenged by his own powers and every person out there that wants to use Matthew like a tool.


Paul Lei is a FBI agent in line for a commanding post, specializing in missing person cases because his own brother vanished fifteen years ago. The entire Bureau is stumped by a streak of bizarre disappearances and murders with one thing in common: They're all psychics or they claimed to be. One psychic questioned by the FBI leads them to the 'real deal', a Chinese silk scroll painter named Matthew Sutter.


Also known as Thomas Lei, the brother that disappeared fifteen years ago.










Lord of the Demon King


Skyler Amerland doesn't really care about the chaotic guild of wild, carefree mages that his grandfather acts for as guildmaster. Due to excessive damages and violations the Sierra Castle Guild of Sorcery has been disbanded and its members forced to scatter. That's why Skyler's grandfather begs him to gather the most destructive (what?!) members of Sierra Castle and 'reform' them so that the Magic Government Council will allow Sierra Castle to be an official guild again.


Skyler will never refuse his grandfather, but can these mages do anything without breaking into battle?!








Mortal Gods

A strange disease halts blood cell production in living beings, and without regular transfusions from those still healthy they are slowly being driven to extinction. Among human beings those with the blood type O are universal donors, able to give blood to anyone, and so they are kept as gods in gilded cages to keep the rest of mankind alive.


Desperation has turned the world surreal and twisted, such is the belief of Frey Montinegro. A young man is one of the gods raised in one of the giant sanitary glass domes that are now the homes of man, and now he's run away. That's how the 'god' meets a young boy being chased by fanatical purists that believe the only way to end the disease is to kill those who hold it. In return for keeping each other's secrets and helping one another, the god and the boy enters a deal that will last them their entire lives.









Sixteen-year-old Eric Daniels was raised by alien hunters to be an alien hunter, and with his psychic powers he's really good at it. So good, in fact, that alien police officers come to arrest him for the crime of murdering criminals from their respective planets. Sam is saved by an Araian named Cele, but only because Cele's personal honor code forbids the killing of innocents, even to capture a criminal.


He's still out for Eric's head.

© 2011 Haeshin

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Added on October 19, 2010
Last Updated on April 27, 2011
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