A Chapter by Hailey Juliet

. . .

. . .

something like a bobby-pin 
and nail file, carefully stashed
in that cupboard above 
the bathroom sink, just think,
what it would be like

to reach that plateau
where free-flight meets
hallowed ground. the space 
between the ethereal and the

something like that incessant
thought pattern that won't
stop treading through my head
burning holes in the carpet
leaving track marks, like

the kind you can scrub out
if you're feeling particularily
compulsive.  for my part, 
i prefer to keep such things
behind me and out of sight

like those times we used to 
lie awake through the night
staring at the ceiling,
side by side, hands inter-
twined, tangled and unsolveable

knots, or something like the
jitters i get when i hear/feel
you turn your head, ever so
gently and i know you're looking
at me or past me or through

me, and i almost forgot that
we ever touched, laying there
falling asleep, unmoving
and wide awake. like, you first,
you twist and make me.

. . .

© 2018 Hailey Juliet

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Your writing is stunning in it's honesty & clarity. This one weaves the most drastic feelings with some that are sweet & rewarding -- a realistic glimpse of how life is for many of us. Great use of details & action words to make your scenarios feel dynamic, as if we're watching this unfold in a movie. I don't see you responding to people who review your work, so I'm wondering if you are really visiting this website anymore. I like to read your writing, but I don't want to keep interacting with someone who isn't even here anymore. So please help us know if you are participating & interacting here these days!?!?! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 6 Months Ago

What a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing this amazing collection with us! I particularly enjoy in this verse the rhythm and punctuation combination. Also you convey really powerful thoughts and emotions with selective words, for instance I really like the verse that begins with 'to reach that plateau'.

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on February 9, 2018
Last Updated on February 9, 2018


Hailey Juliet
Hailey Juliet


Footloose yet flightless, paralyzed but plightless. more..

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A Chapter by Hailey Juliet

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A Chapter by Hailey Juliet

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