Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

A Story by 5John17

A bitter sweet story that i hope will touch you



The story of a beautiful girl who looks at the darker side of life ends up falling in love with a guy that changes her world. A touching story that will make you feel that love is blind and takes you in an unexpected journey. A story that makes you want more and hope that the book doesn`t end. Will their love remain or will it fade away?


A girl who is diagnosed with an incurable sickness know she only has a certain amount of time to live so she hides her heart with a charming laughter and smile. She shuts her world completely till she meets the love of her life. Indeed a story of a boy meets girl, but told in a different way.

Without further ado,

(Son)Why is the human heart so fickle?

After all, People fixate their eyes on one thing, only to move away from it (inevitably) in due time. Even love that people say changes your world. Isn`t that nothing more than a fairy tale. How often is it for the strongest of bonds to crumble from the slightest shake? I mean come on people only truly love someone after a long time but it only takes the smallest of reasons to make their love inexistent. You keep on saying that mum was wonderful but if she is so wonderful then why do I only get pitied.

( Dad chuckles). I guess, that what your mum would do. She wasn`t easily comprehended but it wasn`t just her appearance that made me fall for her. I guess you’re old enough for me to tell you our story.  Well, I guess to a normal person, some would find her thinking strange but to me it was entirely honest to the point that it was cute. Hmm, where should I start from, my confession?

…..(scenes fade)

 I think I read too much manga and was heavily influenced by the rumour that confessing on the rooftop increases your chance of success in confession. Nonetheless, I professed my love loudly on the rooftop. (It was like a scene in any romance movie)… Well, except her reaction was different. She asked me what I would do if we were dating and she said we should break up. I guess my face was stunned as I opened my mouth agape. Ignoring that, there was a moment of heavy silence. Then, she spoke. Perhaps it was because she could see my sincerity that the words spoken were cold but warm, filled with her honest feelings. She said that there is always negativity in humans and that the positivity was only temporary and would gradually fade away. She said that even if she somehow fell in love with me, her feeling would gradually, but surely decline… At that point of time, I didn`t sense the heaviness of her word, probably cause my heart was crushed that I had definitely been rejected.

© 2017 5John17

Author's Note

Please review, i really want to write more but i am not sure if people will like this.

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I loved the last paragraph so much. You have a really unique voice and style. But I think this type of story is a little overdone. Is there some way that you could make this trope new and different?

Posted 9 Months Ago

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