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Revelations of Beauty

Revelations of Beauty

A Poem by heelaary

I sat outside, watching the leaves blow around, when I put together how beautiful I found nature and how music just falls within it. Everything I saw fit to music I was listening to.

Each beat a pulse. Setting the rhythm of life.
As loud or as quiet as the heart’s desire.
Fuel for the soul. Ending when the song stops, then begins with another.
It never has to end.
Discovery of a new song is discovery of a new you. A side you thought you never had to yourself.
Blocking all negativity.
Music is the thing you want to give to everybody, whether you create it in your head, or pay tribute to music once made.

Sitting on a bench on this beautiful sunny day, music plays next to me. The sun is beating down. I make some revelations:

When you listen to beautiful music, everything around you becomes more beautiful. Every little detail, analyzed and amazing.
The leaves dancing to the music. The guitars and piano guiding them to and fro.
Wind pursues and I refuse to put on my coat, just to fell the wind against my skin.
The sun. quick to give heat and quick to retreat, but beautiful all the same.
I look before me. I see cars, parking lots, buildings, fences, trash cans, bicycles.
Human existence.
On such a different perspective I see tress, ready to bloom again. Flower stems peeking out from the dirt. Fallen twigs.
Grass trying to regain that shade of green for the coming of the new spring season. Between three trees I see two light posts.
Does a harmonious existence seem probable?
I look again, imagining purely green life.
Although in my head, it is the most beautiful scene I have ever witnessed.

“Reality is what you perceive”

© 2010 heelaary

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As a fan of writing and music, I really like the interaction of music and life here. The way you start out describing it and tying it into different emotions sunk me into a song. I found the transition in the middle honest and raw, bringing the reader into the writer's perspective. The use of descriptors in the last part really helps to highlight what you're saying and expresses well what you feel. As for the end I must agree, reality is what you perceive.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 11, 2010
Last Updated on November 11, 2010
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A Poem by heelaary