Simple miracles of the season (6th global collab)

Simple miracles of the season (6th global collab)

A Poem by Helen Woodward

Collab put together by Craig Froman and Emma Joy...


43 voices from around the world unite… truly a simple miracle… 

Simple Miracles of the Season¾6th Annual Christmas Collab!

43 voices from around the world unite… truly a simple miracle… 

Everyone deserves someone
That loves him more than anything
This night I pray to all the stars
That you can find that friend within
Anabela Fernandes¾Portugal


The fragrance, it's a simple miracle of glee,

Christmas Season of love's degree.

Bustle of world-love, simple miracle -

Symphony's overture and potpourri.

 Arthur Henn¾United States


Cradling the bairn for which you did long
Feeling the love in your heart grow strong
Makes one realise that what we are seeing
Is simply a miracle in this wee being

Babsie Bee¾Scotland


Peace on earth good will towards men 
At least that's what some say 
There's a catch to peaceful wishes 
Bullets get in the way 

Baby Ricochet¾United States


Put on your Christmas shoes,
Let us dance to rhythmic Christmas tunes,
As we share our bounty,
That is the essence of this season.
Cassandra Wangari (Cassie) ¾Kenya


In the darkest season’s softing glow

is found a hope for us all to know

joy and peace in the midst of strife

and angel’s singing over every life.

Craig Froman¾United States


It never ends each year the Robin lands
in places before it cold and frozen hard,
yet miracles repeat on desert sands
the ever present flame of willing hearts.
dana..detroit¾United States


Simple miracles are sometimes unseen
Though the mind is sharp and the eyes are keen
Go look behind you where grasses are green
That simple life's view, only few can win.


They hang outside from house rafters;
cones shaped rods from recent ice storm.
Bright sunshine hits, large droplets form.
Children drink them the day after.
Eileen Sateriale¾United States


Miracles, are mirrored in little things,

Around us, with us, without us, a rarity

The hope, and strength the season brings

For peace, love, and solidarity.

Elisa Laura¾The Netherlands


Now comes the time in winter freeze when peace doth

wrap its ancient arms around the fear of human mind,

from whence is born a miracle all simply come with friendly

smile, a gentle kiss, and arms to hold the low forlorn.

Emma Joy¾United Kingdom


If there could be a miracle
Simple as it is I wish to call
Let there be mutual understanding forever
The love and peace in this world together
Ency Bearis¾United States


Does hope run too fast on cobbled stone?

And start a life to be lived alone

Or does it still its muddled mind

A miracle in its hand to find...

Helen Woodward¾Australia


A winter star aglow this night

Before my eyes, its joyful light

For in this sadness wrapping me

A smile forms of what I see

 Jack¾United States


All was silent in the night
All was dark, but the sky was white
Wiped clean were all the sorrows of man
Peace falling down over the land
A single, white snowflake landed in my hand
Johanna Magdalena¾Norway


Dreams of presents and family near.
Smelling the sweet odor of bake goods waiting to be enjoyed.
Good song, laughter and bright lights of the Christmas tree.
Make us remember. Christmas is love, kindness and sharing.
John Castellenas (Coyote) ¾United States 


The joys of birth
awakening to the sun and bright, blue sky
reveling in each other's company
collaborating for a life of peace, good will and understanding
Judy Meibach¾United States


Kindness to man ~ all races ~ creeds
Genuine heartfelt kind feeds
Changing donts into do s
Would be the miracle I'd choose
JustLorry ¾Scotland


A simple act of human kindness
Is a single breath of beauty
A simple miracle unnoticed 
To all but the life concerned
Ken Simm¾United Kingdom


 A miracle simple she did ask,
Upon a blustery day of snow
Would Bless us all, and Merry Meet
Would the World in Harmony dwell.
Lauryames¾ United States


To all those who shared the year's wine
From bitter loss to sweetest haves
Let glad tidings mend broken hearts
As we all toast to auld langsyne
Laury Hitch¾Ghana


Only Christmas and winter can end the year's revolution
Bringing a New Years Eve party and promises of resolution
Can I sit here in the warm and raise a single glass of cheer?
And wish you all a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"
Leigh Green¾England


Despite the horrors, the mistakes, the hurt, the hate,

filled with pious hope I have but one thing to say:

I give thanks for the simple miracle of New Year's Day,

when humankind gets one more chance to mend its ways.



In squalid stable, outside the Inn
'Midst woman's moans, and cattle's din
The Heavenly Host pause with breath bated
As Hope is restored, so long awaited...
Mark Teague¾United States


Heavenly angels, a special gift they bring

As the world holds hands, they sing.

Because greatest miracle is the reason

Our hearts in harmony come together this season

Mauricio Montoya ¾United States


I am sorry you never got to me

Before the deadline that you set

Simple miracles eh!

Signing off now with regret......

Neville Pettitt¾England 


Life maybe a complicated mess

It may bring many unseen test

A presence of someone lost, says sorry

Forgiveness overflows is as sweet as its merry

Pax¾Philippines & KSA


The problem with his beard

while the child isn't looking

is the rustle can be heard

when he opens up the stocking

 Pete Langley¾United Kingdom


We often forget that miracles
need only be small, a smile
to share, a hand to hold while
we all catch each other's falls.

Poppy Ruth Silver¾United Kingdom


The simplest of miracles
Truest blessings bloom from within
In the dark, shored beauty, strength
Turn poinsettias green to red
Pryde Foltz¾Canada


Winter winds stirring,  snowy days near 

Clouds rich with wonder have appeared  

Snowflakes quietly fall from above  

touching our eyelashes soft as love  

Renée J. Martin¾United States


As spring sleeps under winter's frosty fleece
We revel in the warmth of joy and peace
And light that shines from candle and from star
Illuminates how close we really are
Rita L. Sev¾United States


Quiet blessings in summer shades
countless treasures that measure days
from blush of dawn to sighing hush of night
sharing harmony's peacefull light.
 Sharonlee Goodhand¾Australia


Merrily it rolls along
From year to happy year
But this year we start anew
A believe in miracles not fear
Sri Daran¾Malaysia


Christmas is a time of year 
To be with loved ones 
Singing songs and carols 
To our glorious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
Starrleenamagyck¾United States


Iciles form on barren trees
the faithful flock to midnight mass
bells chime out tidings of great joy
as candles dance on frosted glass
Steve Barry¾United States


Don't wait till your life is all done

to learn the lessons of a fool

Know the rewards of self are none

where love of others is the rule

Tate Morgan¾United States


The achievements of man are many, industrious and sublime
from electricity, television and computers, even spaceships fine
but his efforts pale into insignificance, seeming dull and vague,
when gazing on in wonderment, as a tiny chick hatches from its egg!

 Tom¾Northern Ireland U.K


A simple quite ringing
Pure and graceful peeling
I knew it’s sound from old
Blessings of the day foretold
Trace Bakelar¾United States


A single cell moving from one space to another,

Clinging to a tie that binds; together mother and child.

The moment of awakening, to the day of removal,

Ready for the beginning of Life.

Veronica DiMarco¾Philippines


We all search with infinite care,

Upwards at the heavens for a sign to appear,

But we need only look at tommorow's good health,

To realize this is his mercy we felt.

 Vidya Bacchus¾Trinidad and Tobago


Snow clings to needled bows dipping low 
Forrest quiet, hallowed close embrace
Whispered prayer, frosted breath trace
Forgetting time, individual hearts tinder glow.
William Calkins¾United States


miracles extinguish without Christmas spirit
frozen to the window pane of a forgotten childhood
seek warmth from candled hearts and joy
from the holiday house welcome to all

Writing Mojo¾United States

© 2013 Helen Woodward

Author's Note

Helen Woodward
Thanks to Craig and Emma Joy for this remarkable effort!

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Many, many thank yous for adding your words to the global collaboration.. it means so much to see people from all over the world joining hands and words. Wishing you and everyone you love a wonderful Christmas and New Year. ((You))

Posted 4 Years Ago

I wanted to put more than 100, but the cafe wouldn't let me! Thank you so much for sharing your voice in this beautiful chorus of peace. The world has so many shadows, but you help bring the light. Merry Christmas, my friend. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

A fantastic collection of worldly wielded words! Reading this is like watching a diamond descend from the heavens in the morning light, each fascet being a bright voice of positive vibration. It was very much a joy to read, especially as the holiday season is upon us and old St. Nick is check'n to see who's naughty or nice. =)

Wonderfully woven!
Aaron - Wolfwind

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Helen Woodward
Helen Woodward


At times simply living is hard work. People around you are non-responsive and you feel like throwing in the towel. I have read and reviewed many on-line writers who have felt this way.. more..


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