A Sad Story

A Sad Story

A Poem by EmmyThePoet1

A Story about 2 people who gave up


Once there was a guy who lived a very horrible and painful life. He felt like the world was nothing to him and he would always feel this way

Having lived this life, he was always quite and always kept things in deep 

One day his parents forced him to leave town and move away causing him to loose all his friends making him more depressed and more quite while hiding the pain away 

While at school, he made only one friend who was very close to him

This new friend became everything to him and was his light and his reason to live

She showed him that life was worth fighting for and that everyone deserved life

She taught him how to be more open and most importantly to love again and they eventually fell in love and spent the rest of the school years happy together

After school finished, the guy was sad because he thought he wasn't going to see this girl again but she promised that she would call everyday when she could 

The days went on and on and he would call her and ask her why she hadn't called in a while

Everytime she said " I love you" to him he would feel better

One day he got a call from her and when he answered it, only a few words were said that made him hurt so much

She said" I can't be with you anymore"

The guy was silent for a moment and hung the phone up

He thought to himself what could he have done to cause this pain and hurt

He then said to himself " there is no reason to live anymore"

So he got some pills and a knife and walked deep into a forest 

He took the pills and cut himself letting the blood flow freely

As he lay there about to die, he thought of all the happy memories he had with her

The next day the girl got a phone call and hear the message saying

You were everything to me and now since I've lost you, I have no reason to live

The girl cried for a moment thinking about what she said because she has broke up with him because she thought she was being a bad gf to him

She looked at the table as she saw the news that the boy had died yesterday

So that night she took her life and once again saw the guy

© 2018 EmmyThePoet1

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Added on February 8, 2018
Last Updated on February 8, 2018
Tags: Sadness, Past



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