Hyperspace Insights.

Hyperspace Insights.

A Poem by herohappenings

On the back of his eyelids
was a wormhole to a
another world,
to a universe
that he only ever
uncovered in the 
small hours of the night.

When the night lights
faded away like a
slow stumble into
unconsciousness he saw
his life and 
Life was beautiful.

And he saw beauty,
and he wanted to capture it,
like an artist with a
measuring gaze,
or a like scientist 
with a measuring gauge.

If only he had time. 

He had a taste for the 
unknown like a child 
with a wild imagination.

Oh the wonders he 
would wander by 
in his night journeys to
the wormhole in
his eyes.

But the heart of the 
universe is a hypnotist.
And his gazes into 
the swirling depths 
were addictive and 
intoxicating and crushing 
like a one-sided relationship.

Oh, but Life was Beautiful. 
So beautiful, that over an 
eternity of days and nights
watching in the darkness
death had fallen love.
A jealous passionate love 
takes what it can
and destroys without 

And so, without blinking
the boy with the wormhole
behind his eyes stumbled 
into the great divide, 
 like a light that
fades from black to white.

© 2013 herohappenings

Author's Note

This just came into my head a few days ago. Tell me what you think, what can be changed and what your interpretation of it is. :)

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Added on June 9, 2013
Last Updated on June 9, 2013




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