Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything Happens for a Reason

A Story by Kasey Nichole

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No one said life was easy. No one guaranteed that you would live to grow old and start a family. No one can promise you tomorrow. The unknown is scary, but I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Everyone goes through tough times, unfortunately some more than others. I personally have been through my share of suffering.  I’ve hit rock bottom with full force. Things were so dark for so long that I was convinced that giving up was my only option. I didn’t even realize how fortunate I was to have a blessing as remarkable as life. I took it for granted. I almost lost it.

I had given up all hope, I was convinced that I had made the right decision. I later found out that what I thought was best for myself was in fact not best for me or for those who loved me. I was foolish. I had a choice between life and death… and I chose wrong. So many people spent hours with me, talking and sharing their time simply because they cared.  So many people don’t have a choice about how long they live or when they die… and the scary thing was, I had that choice.

I am so fortunate to be alive right now. I chose wrong, I chose death. However, death didn’t choose me. When I woke up alive, I knew I had something that others were not always fortunate enough to have. I had a second chance at life. I knew I woken up for a reason and even though I wasn’t sure what that reason was, I knew I needed to keep living to find out.

God had written a new chapter to my story and just when I thought it was over, a new page was turned. I don’t exactly know why that page was turned, but I am very grateful to share my story with all of you. I didn’t realize how much impact my life had on others. I almost lost someone I really loved because of my one dangerous and potentially permanent decision. Thankfully, we’re both still here today and I can only believe that it’s because we have so much to offer to the world. Our story started like the infamous tragedy of Romeo and Juliet but thankfully with a happy ever after. This is very personal to me and I feel like there’s a reason I am sharing this with all of you.

Since I’ve hit rock bottom, I’ve started to climb up again. With the help of God, new friends, improved promises and the belief that everything happens for a reason, things have only started to get better and I every faith that they will keep getting better. After all, God writes with crooked lines and I know that he would never give me something I couldn’t handle.


© 2014 Kasey Nichole

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Added on August 25, 2014
Last Updated on August 25, 2014


Kasey Nichole
Kasey Nichole

Sanibel Island , FL

Well, i'm 19 years old and I have wanted to become a writer ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand. I really hope you enjoy reading my writings! Feel free to leave comments and let me know what .. more..