Deja vu

Deja vu

A Poem by +she plays with matches+





























y life
, sometimes I  ponder,
God.....did he fashion my hands and skin from another?
Am I just a recovered tired vessel,
refurbished lung and breath, reassembled, to be something fragile?
My fears and defects I feel are not my own,
borrowed and rented maybe, from someone once known.
Your voice just a proverbial song.
It feels ancient, but like an undercurrent, it carries me along. 
My story perhaps is a plagiarism of you,
a reincarnation of what I might answer, and what I might do.
With every deliberate ill-mannered step,
someone before me, has already passed, lingered, and slept.
My soul, has it lived before?
It seems to be the same narrow path, but a different revolving door.
Seeking answers in restorative dreams,
this body, however temporary, is not what it seems.
My thumbprint, a reminder of her,
your girlish vision, a familiar relic, with a haunting blur.
Is this a case of refuted Deja vu?
Or just maybe, she's a vicarious spirit, that has been there too.

© 2014 +she plays with matches+

Author's Note

+she plays with matches+
At a very young age, as young as 3 or 4, I would dream over and over again, that I was some young girl from India. Royalty perhaps, or a servant to royalty. I found it odd that I would dream about such a thing at an age, when I had yet to even understand or comprehend countries or cultures such as India. Nevertheless, with these dreams still vivid, and a feeling of deja vu every now and then. I found a picture that reminded me of "Her". The girl in my dreams....

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Rebirths and reincarnations are aplenty in Indian mythology, but I was really drawn in by the concept when I read about the River Lethe in Greek mythology where souls would go to wash the memories clean of their previous life. It's all so... fascinating.

This is indeed a marvellous poem, searching for answers we may never find. I felt "My story perhaps is a plagiarism of you" was a brilliant line!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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I study all the religions in my life. Karma is my belief. What we do good or bad will come back to us. I do have many deju vu. Life is a circle. I have met new people and became great friends. Like we knew each other forever. Could be a possibility? I like this poem. Open the door to many questions. A excellent poem.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I've had dreams like this myself. One I remember quite vividly as being on the Titanic. I told my grandmother and she said it was because of the movie. I hadn't seen the movie when I had the dreams. It happened years before the movie was released and I've never any of the other variations. So what does that mean?
Anywat, going off course for this review.
Great job. This was written very well. I love the format. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I believe we come back into each life with fragments of our former selves. This is something I've felt since I was young. I'm glad you were open to your dreams and the messages that may come through with them.. It's a wonderful write Muse..thank you for sharing..xx

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is so just overthe top for me, I have feelings ....very strong feelings of people and places and things and sometimes I scare my self with the things that I know but should I know how this may be, but this piece Poetess is just amazing....wonderful

Posted 6 Years Ago

The use of currency in this line seems misplaced: "God.....did he currency my hands and skin from another?"
for I infer because I do not get the meaning and it doesn't seem natural in the sentence. perhaps you mean he has priced her body? as if putting some kind of toll on it?... I know poetry is suppose to be subjective and all, but it doesn't work well if you aren't able to get a certain message across well to put perspective on.
possibly: "God.....did he make a currency of my hands and skin from another?"
seems better fit ;)
Great experimental poetry structure though, dividing up different subjects which relate to the girl's life and putting it all into one poem.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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+she plays with matches+
+she plays with matches+


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