Who Put The Junk In Funk ?

Who Put The Junk In Funk ?

A Poem by Mario Vitale



out in the street where people meet

byways, highways & walking sideways

got me in a haze to wake to one of those days

flirting the the scene eating my favorite ice cream

but what noise is out brewing

do you all know what you are doing

who put the junk in funk

going to knock you to your socks with blue rocks

tossing and turning

another page is turning

getting beyond the means

seem to be a fiend

walking that New York mile

still you knew all the great while

with flirting faces lost in spaces leaving no traces

at the backyard barbecque your like a dog in heat where people meet

flirting as a buzzard is to a be peeple flee

a good cause to boast as a rib flys out like the holy ghost

party people in the house its the bounce to the ounce

with an hour of power got to take a cold shower

stil I'm on fire being blown up in the fullest desire

we make plans we break plans yet do we give up it all depends

friends put away your funny faces


going to wish you never knew me

even she the one that blew me

what is my destiny the one thing I'm willing to achieve

some of my friends are in cell block nine doing fine

got to know you are special created from a great design

life is a circus filled with clowns

being short changed a chance to rearrange out playing the game

critics want to criticize me while they are off living as they please

search for gold let it unfold got one bun in the oven and the other exposed

walk with me talk with me through duration of time

do you all remember when you were broke down to your last thin dime

in time you would climb as heros soar exposed

yet you say its a waste of time and everything is fine

going to make you into a man when will you ever understand

who put the junk in funk out on the midnight hour the hour of power

hearts will explode out on a different episode


got rhymes that are quick alone with my b***h sipping on my forty near the grill

a shoot to thrill rap has to tell a story of two lovers in love

pushing some things underneath the rug yu need a big hug

many suffer in silence to the extreme another choiced evil scream

the liberals soars to some beckoning heaights yet never thinks twice

all of life to him is but a mystery but he suffers within his dignity

in the light of what we may do today will become evident in all of historys sway

good night said the blind man as he suffers in silence amidst all the violence

powerful perfectionist has now run rampant & is evident

feeling will come but this much I know bust up the beat & increase the tempo

who put the junk in funk or do you want to change the story to wake up morning glory

its a hard thing to adress when the whole of your life is in quite a bit of mess

yet this I must confess stay true to yourself

perhaps you want to put that book right on the shelf


yet who are we to blame when all of society is going insane

everything one day will go up in flames

like a cow that chews on its caddle

like a baby with a new found rattle

just look at the snake and see how it travels

yet I'm feeling loose in my caboose got suckers to please

wine, dine & 69

you behave like everything is fine

still silence is golden just remember you've beed chosen

there's a hero within us all so stand on your feet ten inches to tall

still everyone wants to seek the fame game while playing the blame game to their shame


© 2017 Mario Vitale

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Added on November 7, 2017
Last Updated on November 7, 2017
Tags: love, peace


Mario Vitale
Mario Vitale

Wolcott, CT

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