Young G

Young G

A Poem by Mario Vitale



as a young G in the hood running rampant like he should

he started off with a seed in his mommas belly in time he grow into jelly

with a bright crooked smile he knew all the while the stage was set for him to be born

out came young G making sweet history & that's not the end of the story

he took up gambling in his younger days getting trapped in a purple haze

yet he knew in the great while he would shine

heightened by that of fantasy he was built on sweet brevity

falling apart at the seams he gets caught selling dope now he can't even cope

doing time yet he would one day shine filter through the scene

when he can't even cope having a fight with the soap on the rope

he was used to cell block nine thought that everything was fine

until he heard the message from the preacher noting it wasn't a late night double feature

he knew he had to relax and bask in the vast expanse of having hope with God

after doing time everything was quite fine everthing was thought out and in line

noted that he was created in God's image crafted by his great design

then young G got a little older this time he was busted for murder

back in cell block number nine again only this time he had a new friend

he knew that Jesus was on his side and he was going along for the ride

he knew that the enemy was was very sneaky and God was but a mystery

this time his destiny was harder to achieve cause he was on death row

a hard pill to swallow as he would wallow in the mire of depression

leaving him second guessing but this time he knew he was clean inside

his destny had been open like a lost seagull flying on the ocean


Young G now was a full grown man with a definite plan to make things better

no matter what the weather he kept things together

yet the heat was on & someday soon he'd be gone

as he wrote his final epitaph he could but grasp

all those people that he touched even though he spent his life in a rush

then came the time the last day of his life they fed him just bread with a bit of rice

he knew this was his last time of the roll of the dice

he prayed up to heaven knowing it wasn't a one stop shopping event at a local seven elevev

as they led him down the hall now he could stand but ten feet tall

they injected him with the juice in the needle in time young G would pass

yet we all have every reason to grasp the moral of the story

as young G sits in heavenly glory looking down with a smile

cause he knew all the great while his destiny was sealed as he once yield to the heavenly call

no my brother man let the reader understand that all in all God had made Young G as his ultimate plan


© 2017 Mario Vitale

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Added on November 9, 2017
Last Updated on November 9, 2017
Tags: love, peace


Mario Vitale
Mario Vitale

Wolcott, CT

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