An unexpected move

An unexpected move

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of the thriller THE GLOBAL THREAT.


The unexpected move


An excerpt

Despite the State Department unwillingness to share information with Israel, the relationship deterioration between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran could not be hidden not just from Israel, but from the entire world. Thus when the Iranian president decided to send his delegation main group back to Teheran, top secret reports by the Israeli ambassador and the military attaché were sent to Israel. Thus the relations of the US with Iran were the main subject in the Israeli security cabinet weekly meeting.

'So they've realized at last that the Iranians have cheated them, and that's why they've treated them so badly… I wouldn't have believed it, I was sure they'll keep on their blind eye policy; particularly now when they're on the verge of a political defeat, they'll never admit their outstanding mistakes… But I'd rather return to the relevant facts, what does it mean to us and what are going to be the next developments in our region?'

'What does puzzle us is the fact the Americans ignored completely the drone case, and it was a flagrant provocation.' The defense minister remarked.

A knock on the door was heard, it opened up and the Prime Minister's secretary entered, and approached nimbly the desk and handed the Prime Minister a written message, and left the office right away.

Silence ensued while the Prime Minister read the few words on the piece of paper, which he was holding in his hands.

'They left, they boarded a plane fifteen minutes ago Washington time, and they're flying right now back to Teheran…' The Prime Minister exclaimed surprised.

'It must be a move of protest sir,' the head of the National Security Council concluded raising his voice. 'Their meeting with the American president a few hours earlier was disrupted no doubt…'

'They must have planned the meeting's disruption beforehand, we know that their president preferred to send the foreign affairs minister to represent him; they knew that the American president will reject their outrageous demands.'

'So you wanted to discuss possible developments?' The external intelligence service head turned smiling to the Prime Minister. 'We'd better analyze the very next developments in the Persian Gulf.' He added nodding his head to emphasize the situation's seriousness.

'Well let's calm down first of all and not rush into hasty conclusions. We all understand that they'll increase the degree of their provocations against the American naval task force, but I don't think that it will lead to a break out of drastic hostilities or a regional war…' The Prime Minister last words caused another lull of silence.

'Let's take a forty eight hours break, in which I want your crews of experts to analyze the new situation and we'll meet again to discuss every possible aspect of what could take place over there.'


'We made the right decision didn't we?' Erdogul declared smiling to his prime minister, while sitting over a glass of Raki.

Alcohol consumption was restricted by law since Erdogul's Justice and Development party won the elections, when he was still just Turkey's prime minister. But in private while celebrating with his loyal subordinate and close friend Hakim, their wise decision not to cut completely Turkey's ties with the West was a completely different matter.

'And that's thanks to your exceptional wisdom Mahammid.' Hakim hastened to compliment his president.

'Their delegation's trip to Washington is a resounding fiasco, and it was led by their two most successful diplomats. I don't believe they'll give up, but I hope and pray that they won't turn to us, to give them a hand in some way.' The president expressed his thoughts aloud, as a prelude to an analysis that he and his close friend were on the verge of carrying out.

'Do you mean Mahammid that they'll ask us to expel the Americans?' I don't think they'll do… They've realized that we've decided not to take any part in their adventure.'

'Yes it was the right thing to do Allah be praised, we'll keep our Turkey neutral just like Inonu did during world war two.' The president noted thoughtfully. 'But they won't sit idly by and they've the support of the Russians… So what do you think they're going to do Hakim?'

'I wouldn't try to predict Mahammid they're unpredictable.' The prime minister answered with a wry smile. 'I didn't think that their diplomatic delegation would leave the US so soon, it didn't cross my mind; but thinking of it now, I believe that move is intended to increase the pressure on the Americans…'

'That means that we should expect some harsher steps on their part.'

'Yes you're right as always Mahammid, but do you think that they'll cut off their diplomatic relation with the US again?'

'No Hakim I don't believe that they'll go that far, but let's assess their possibilities one by one.'

'Okay they may call their ambassador for consultations, and arrange public demonstrations in front of the American embassy in Teheran; and I won't be surprised if they'll ask us to do the same,' Aslan added laughing.

'Oh yeah they may try for all I care,' the president remarked with a broad smile on his face. 'Pour us another glass Hakim.' He asked his prime minister and clunked the full glass with his close and loyal friend.

'If you'll ask me Hakim I believe that they'll stop the UN international atomic energy agency checks, and declare its experts as persona non grata; and on top of it they'll increase the provocations against the American aircraft carriers…'

'It may lead to a break out of bloody hostilities and consequently to war…' Hakim declared feigning alarm.

'No Hakim they'll carry out their provocations very carefully to get on the Americans nerves at this early stage, and if I'm wrong and it will turn out as a local war; well it wouldn't bother us much, just as the civil war in Syria that was our door step didn't bother us at all.'

 Haim Kadman May 2014 �" all rights reserved.


The global threat �" synopsis

My 14th thriller "The global threat" is a thriller that describes possible geopolitical developments in the very near future. Its plot encompasses the era from mid 2014 up to the end of July 2016. The book's various protagonists are the decision makers in several states all over the globe, which are linked to each other by mutual and contradicting state and personal interests.

This thriller is a work of fiction, and is a product of the author's imagination. The protagonists and the different characters' names, and the plot's background descriptions might remind real persons and locations; as the book's purpose is to praise human wisdom, endeavors and accomplishments, there is no harm, offense or insult in it's being a facsimile of real life.

THE GLOBAL THREAT a thriller published with

57 chapters, 147 pages, 72,341 words.

© 2014 Haim Kadman

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