A brilliant future

A brilliant future

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my 24th future book, a science fiction manuscript, to your appraisal and judgement my dear colleagues and friends.


A brilliant future

The Planet of Peach

An excerpt

They sat facing each other under the electronic canopy for just a friction of a second, and that was all IH75 needed to read all H86 thoughts.

You’ve no reason to be worried dearest H86, your future will be brighter after you’ll become an improved human. You’ll be entitled to form a group of your own, all you’ll have to do is the choose the right theme of mutual interest to our entire community.’ IH75 explained to him with much patience.

I haven’t got the slightest idea what theme to choose dear IH75, I’m an old timer and things have changed so much since our first years here in our planet…

Well I’ll tell what, when all my group members will arrive, and it’s just a few seconds from this very moment… I’ll raise indirectly your problem as our daily agenda, and I’m sure that we’ll find togather the right soulution… I mean the theme or even several themes, which you’ll be able to choose as the one that will suit you.’ IH75 made a short pause and watched intently H86, expecting to hear what he has to say. But H86 lowered his head and filled his lungs with a breath of air, exposing unconsciously his doubts.

There’s one more opentng that may suit your particular character dearest H86, and it’s serving the community as a reasercher… And in that case you’ll be able to have your beloved RR427 as your assitant… But you’ll have to vow to me that you’ll meet me whenever I’ll wish you to...’ She declared emphatically while watching H86 face with a searching look in her eyes.

H86 nodded his head in acquiesance, thanked Xoumotocrasus in his heart for fobidding the perfoming of any kind of mutual relationship before nightfall.

The rush of IH75 group members coming in averted IH75 attention in mid reading H86’s thoughts, and she welcomed politely her group members’ arrival.

They hastened to take their seats beside H86, and opposite their group leader; and waited patiently to the daily session opening.

Our daily work up to this very day was aimless meditation, which did sometimes end up with surprising results; and several of our group’s meditation results were termed as significant contribution to our society. Today I ask each one of you to concentrate and think on a way to improve the various aspects of our way of life.’ IH75 made a short pause while she kept reading each one of her group members thoughts.

There’s no harm in tryinign to ameliorate our way of life, even if the majority believes that our way of life is perfect; it won’t be taken our planet ruling committee minds as thoughts of subversion Xoumotocrasus forbid. We’ll discuss each resuls’s asessts and liabilities, and choose the best one which will be rephrased and polished, to express our positive intentions.’ She managed to calm down her group members, and the session began as usual without an additional delay.

Copyright © Haim Kadman 2017 - all rights reserved.

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© 2017 Haim Kadman

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