The turn over

The turn over

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my new science fiction thriller.


The turn over

The planet of peaceful

An excerpt

I wonder what takes them so much time to arrive? They’re usually very punctual… As long as I’m their group leader they’ve never been late, or anyone of them have never missed one single meeting. IH75 sat all alone in her chamber, and kept thinking worried what could have happened to her group members.

Time oozed by slowly and no one appeared, she panicked and it was the first ever time in her three hundred and five years of life, in which she befel with such a feeling of anxiety.

The dark curtain of the nieche entrance at the chamber corner was flung aside, and IH86 entered and went over to her desk.

She realized right away that he has some unpleasant news, and how tensed he is.

What’s wrong with RR427?’ She asked him as soon as she read his thoughts.

She’s been contacted by some prominent robot.’ He whispered to her, ‘We’d better communicate with our thoughts and not orally.’ She whispered back to him, as he sat down facing her.

Before they managed to communicate stilthilly RR427 popped out of the research nieche.

I must leave, there was a long power interuption yesteday at the plug-in terminal… I must be reloaded with renewed energy...’

Alright you may go.’ IH86 told her, and both of them watched RR426 light figure movements, until she left the chamber.

Something very bad must have happened, and we’re in deep trouble I’m afraid.’

Maybe it’s just a drastic power cut off...’ IH86 suggested hopefully.

You do amaze me dearest IH86, everything works as usual, without the slightest hitch...’

IH75 and IH86 return to your dens and stay put till you’ll be instructed what and when!’ A loud order filled the chamber’s tense atmosphere.

And whose order is it?’ IH75 asked raising her voice, but with a clear note of caution.

The new ruling committee’s order!’ A loud and shrill voice typical to an angered robot, filled the chamber’s atmosphere.

Very well then we’ll honor and obey the ruling committee’s orders.’ IH75 declared aloud and a short embarrassed silence ensued.

Let’s return to our dens.’ She turned to IH86 with a slight cough. There was no use to try and hide anything, or communicate through thoughts; her chamber was under multiple surveillance hidden devices, and if IH86 was aware to it or not wasn’t rellevant. But he’s surely read my thoughts she concluded and stood up. ‘We’d better hurry and not hamper the ruling committee’s efforts to resume peace and order.’ She declared loud and clear, for the robot’s sake whoever he is.

Copyright © Haim Kadman 2017. All rights reserved.

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Added on June 9, 2017
Last Updated on June 9, 2017
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Haim Kadman

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