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The spaceship

The spaceship

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my 24th book, which is my first science fiction thriller.


The spaceship

The Planet of Peace

An excerpt

A medium size spaceship ready to take off, was parked in wait at the planet’s air terminal; and when IH86 arrived and entered it, he realized that some two dozen various humans have already boarded it. They were his generation of verterans just like he himself was, the planet of peace surviving founding fathers.

We were the fifty seven pioneers of male and female humans, which decided to leave the moon and live elsewhere in another planet of our galaxy. IH86 thought as he mouted the narrow entrance five steps, and entered the spaceship hall. He kept standing near the hall’s entrance, and watched the small crowd of humans seated olong the spaceship walls. He could not recognize any of them, despite the fact that one hundred and ninty four years ago, he knew everyone of his fifty seven comrades…

We were youngsters of some hundred years old more or less. IH86 reminded himself amazed. We’ve changed drastically the lot of us, and they’re improved humans every one of them; I’m no doubt the last one to become an improved human it seems, due to my apathy and lack of connections. I don’t see IH75 among those gathered here, she must be among those few who’re on the spaceship bridge; or was she left behind for some reason… Well I’ll be much wiser right after we’ll take off, as I can’t read any thoughts now; no one speaks but still what I do read sounds like gibberish.

He counted them those that watched him with suspicion, and those that sat on the bunks along the wall, with bowed heads radiating despair. There were twenty three improved humans in the spaceship’s hall, with him included.

The spaceship started to move and IH86 hastened to sit down on the nearest free bunk along the spaceship’s wall.

As soon as the spaceship’s flight stabilized a group of five humns clad in black entered the hall from the bridge’s side, they were led by a tall and broad shouders human; whose features were familiar to IH86, the last one to enter the hall was IH75. She sat down without noticing IH86, while the five human clad in black kept standing with the tall one in their midest.

I’m EIH67 (elated improved human) chairman of our planet’s impeached ruling committee, and these’re my four colleagues. Two of us ressisted the robots’ rebellion I assume, and their fate isn’t known to us.’ He made a short break and looked all around him. and all over the sitting survivors.

We’re the last twenty nine survivors of our generation. The pioneer and founding generation of our beloved planet of peace. The robots take over was well prepared for quite a while right under our noses. They’ve formed a kind of a police force, and they intend to build more robots and to use the cloned humans as their servants… I don’t know if we’ll ever return to our planet, and what fate awaits us when we’ll land on the moon very shortly… We’ve to decide if me and my four colleagues your ex ruling committee - will represent you before the moon authorities?’

It depends if we’ll be allowed to land, or we’ll be forced to orbit our galaxy up to our extinction...’ It was IH75 that answered him with a raised and fearless voice.

Copyright © Haim Kadman 2017 - all rights reserved

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© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on June 15, 2017
Last Updated on June 15, 2017
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