Lunaville air terminal

Lunaville air terminal

A Story by Haim Kadman

One more excerpt of my 24th science fiction thriller, for your verdict, my dear colleagues and friends. You may read the 1st 3chaps of each of my 23 books, at:


Lunaville air terminal

The Planet of Peace

An excerpt

A three dimensional live transmission of the moon elders session appeared in the spaceship’s hall middle, and the elders chairman voice filled the spaceship atmosphere:

In about five secods time you’ll land at the Lunaville space terminal, the same space terminal from which you’ve departed long ago when you’ve decided to leave us. We don’t bear the slightest grudge to you because of previous departue, but we must end up our analysis how to solve your problem. You’ll stay in your ship until our representatives will reach you, and will explain to you what will be the conditions that you’ll ot obey, in order to live among us again.’

The three dimensional live transmission disappeared, and a tensed silence filled the spaceship hall atmosphere, as it started to descend towards its destination.

Within two seconds the spaceship landed on flat rectangular space in front of a tall cliff, while the moon barren surroundings appeared to the spaceship travellers through the spaceship small round windows.

We were not welcomed by the current ruling elders, as all of us have realized just some seconds earlier.’ EIH67 declared from his seat near the bridge narrow entrance left side. He kept sitting on purpose to emphasize that they are all equal in this depressing situation.

We’ll have to abide to their conditions I guess, and I hope they won’t be too harsh with us… Or does anyone have some other ideas?’

Except his four colleagues of the planet’s ex ruling committee all the rest, the twenty four exiles wished to have their say; and the fuss that their excited voices caused filled the spaceship hall atmospere.

IH86 took advantage of the slight commotion, and left his seat and moved toward IH75, at the spaceship hall farthest side.

She watched him approaching her with clear apathy, as if he is a stranger and not her ex beloved group member.

Her cold stare did discourage him, but he got closer to her, and sat on an empty seat beside her.

Hello dear IH75 I’m so glad to see you again safe and sound.’ He muttered softly with uncertainty, as he realized with amazement that she was the only human female among twenty eight human males. He had no thoughts of copulation he did not even remember his beloved RR427, as he was deeply depressed just like the rest of his compatrriots no doubt; and he hoped that neither IH75 nor any one else would think that he is making a pass at her. But no one paid attention to them, as their exiled compatriots were too busy answering EIH67’s challenge as they kept repeating their views with sore throats.

I’m not glad at all to see you IH86, and may I ask you who was behind RR427 early withdrawl, and who gave up me and my group members to the rebels?’

I don’t have the slightest idea...’ He answered her with a shaky voice. ‘I was surprised just like you by RR427 early withdrawl, and as shocked as you were when we were ordered to return to our dens. IH86 added trying his best to persuade his ex group leader.

Alright, I guess we’ll never know who warned the rest of my group members to stay away on that morning...’

A sudden silence fell unexpectantly, and both of them turned their attention to the spaceship hall other side, they saw three humans clad in light blue unifrom.

The heralds of our fate,’ she whispered to him and turned her eyes towards the three representatives of the moon ruling committee.

Our elders are well aware to the fact that your only option to survive is by submitting a request to renew your citizenship, which you’ve thrown behind your backs at the year 2210. You’ll have to prove your loyalty during the coming six months.’ The speaker cleared his throat intentionally, to emphasize the obvious conditions, which the exiles will have to comply with.

We’ll supply you with essential provisions in a short while, and tomorrow you’ll be informed where each one of you will be reinhabited.’ With these last words the three heralds left the spaceship, and their audience the twenty nine bewildered exiles.

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You may read the 1st 3chaps of each of my 23 books, at:

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Added on June 23, 2017
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