The headache

The headache

A Story by Haim Kadman

You may read the 1st 3chaps of each of my 23 books, at: I wouldn’t recommend you to download my books, as the prices have been raised sig


The headache

The Planet of Peace

An excerpt

The information concerning the twenty nine exiles was brought up before the moon ruling committee elders.

The two envoyes described meticulously the personal details and the previous vocation of each one of the ex moon sitizens, who were now the planet of peace ex citizens; and were seeking desperately to renew their moon citizenship.

We monitored their conversations and discussions during the flight, and even up to this very moment; and despite it we haven’t got a clue to the definite reason why they were expelled. We may conclude in general terms that it was a coup d’etat, but we’ve to know what were behind it and what were their reasons.’ DH11 the ruling committee chairman summed up with disappointmen the first phase of the first inquest, as no detail concerning the planet of peacecoup d’etat has emerged during the information gathering, by the ruling committee elders two special envoys.

We’ve intentions to interrogate each one of our unexpected guests, they must have suffered a traumatic shock twice; by being expelled from their planet, and then landing in their ex homeland, without knowing what their fate will be...’

It will take some time until they’ll get over it and spill out what we wish to know.’ DH13 the community law and order and security elder remarked thoughtfully.

That’s right and thanks DH13 for our wise remark, and by dividing them into four groups our task will be much easier; now then except the five ex ruling committee members of the planet of peace, the rest will be divided haphazardly. While we’ll have the ex ruling committee chairman with us, the four other will be divided between our four cities. We’ve no idea yet who was behind that coup d’etat, a robot of a cloned human, One more riddle is whehther those tewnty nine humans are the last survivors of the fifty seven founding fathers of the planet of peace? And if that’s the case it means that only robots and cloned humans are the entire community of the planet of peace.’

Do you expect me sir to prepare plans to invade the planet of peace?’ DH13 hastened to ask the DH11 the’ chairman.

Well not before we’ll find out what’s the definite situation over there.’

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You may read the 1st 3chaps of each of my 23 books, at:

I wouldn’t recommend you to download my books, as the prices have been raised significantly.

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Added on June 27, 2017
Last Updated on June 27, 2017
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