Bothering doubts

Bothering doubts

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my science fiction thriller.


Bothring doubts

The Planet of Peac

An ecerpts

At the late afternoo hours, long after the questioning ended up and the two moon ruling committee’s envoys that carried out the questioning left, the spaceship hall was filled with loud discussions of assesments, and attempts to predict the next move of the moon authorities. The only individuals that kept their silence were the five planet of peace ex ruling committee members and IH75 plus IH86, which kept sitting beside each other listening to the heated up arguments.

They all knew well enough that the spaceship hall was under multi functional surveillence, and in spite of it they carried on their arguments; particularly those few who were desperate, and did not care anymore what their fate will be.

Night fell and the comfortable seats’ back rests were pushed backwards, and the twenty nine exiles did their best to fall asleep despite their state of agigation and their feelings of anxiety. A few whispers were heard here and there, but most of the few conversations were carried out by thoughts’ communication.

But as darkness reigned in the spaceship’s hall and the twenty nine exiles were streched on their temporary beds feelings of voluptousness crept into IH86’s mind. He was lying so close to IH75, the only female aboard the spaceship… And he experienced enough to know that reaching a sexual climax with any female was just the same, except the feelings of exultation, when having it with a rare beauty, which is sought by many others. His thoughts alarmed IH75, and she communicated to him the warning to get hold of himself; as it would cause jealousey of those close to them, and it may erupt into a dangerous agitation; particularly in this tensed situation, when no one knows how they will end up.

"I’m too strained just as you’re to be able to fall asleep, so let’s direct our thoughts to our troubling dilemmas.” She communicated her thoughts to him, and got hold gently of his hand. “Do you’ve any idea who was behind our expulsion?”

"I’m not sure of it but I believe I’ve recognized the voice of the chairman of the promotion and excellence encouragement committee. You surely remember our audience at the committee, when you recommonded me...”

Oh yes I remember our visit, are you sure it was his voice that oredered us to return to our dens?”

I’ve heard his voice a second time at my den, when he ordered me to pack up and reach the spaceship at the air terminal; but still I can’t say that I’m sure that it was his voice…”

"You’re right IH86, because he approved my recommendation on the spot, and no member of the committee objected to itI couldn’t believe that robots could be that ambitious to initiate a coup d’etat, and that’s why I didn’t attach any importance to his voice,,, I was sure a veteran cloned human exploited him. Are you still awake?” IH75 communicated to him her thought with wonder.

But IH86 was already fast .asleep.

All rights © belont to Haim Kadman �" July 2017.

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© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on July 3, 2017
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