The unraveling

The unraveling

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my science fiction thriller The Planet of Peace.


The unraveling

The Planet of Peace

An excerpt

It was the second day in which the moom ruling committee daily session was exceptionally prolnoged, the reason was the summons of the two prominent exiles.

We’ll question first of all the planet of peace ex ruling committee chairman, and the female who was a group leader, we’ll question somewhat later.’ DH11 ordered and EIH67 was ushered into the moon ruling committee’s hall.

Do sit down EIH67.’ DH11 asked him rather politely.

The planet of peace ex ruling committee chairman was surprised by the polite welcome, and sat down on the comfortable chair, which was set particularly for him, and faced the seven moon ruling committee members. After a friction of a second of uneasiness and a slight confusion, he watched the moon ruling committee chairman’s face and reading his thoughts encouraged him and restored his self confidence. His supposedly rival and interrogator had a rather positive appraisal of him, but he wondered how long that polite attitude would last.

We the moon ruling committee members appreciate the impressive ahchievements accomplished at the planet of peace under your leadership; and we wish to use your services as our committee temporary advisor.’ DH11 declared the ruling committee’s decision concerning EIH67’s fate.

I’ll be very pleased to serve you as an advisor sir.’ EIH67 answered with prudence, doing his best not to flatter the committee members and their chairman, as he was still quite skeptic concerning his own and his comrades’ fate.

We’re glad to hear it, yes we’re,’ DH11 muttered with some disappointment, and glanced at his colleagues on both his sides.

At the year 2210 fifty seven of you, our compatriots in fact migrated to the heavenly body, which you called the planet of peace; have the rest twenty one that migrated with you perished, or have they been arrested over there?’

Some must have died, I don’t know how many and why some were left untouched… This issue wasn’t under our resposibility but under the censsus committee, which is manned by high efficient robots.’ EIH67 was very careful not to mention the fact that the twenty nine exiles are improved humans each one of them.

Do you’ve any idea who was behind your expulsion, and why?’

He classifies me as a wise and very cautious human and that’s a good opening, which indicates that their intention to use me as their advisor is serious. But the last part of his question doesn’t make sense, or does he tempt me to think that I can beguile them whenever I’ll wish to… It’s a simple trap, and it might have allured me if I was an ordinary humna who isn’t able to read his and his committee members’ thoughts. EIH67 thought with satisfaction.

Being the chairman of the planet ex ruling committee, I may conclude with certainty that whoever expelled us rules the planet now, but who could it be…? To my estimation it’s neither any among us, which were left behind; and nor any of the cloned humans, it could be a group of high effient robots. There’re three powerful committees manned by high efficient robots...’

I see, well we’ll have to discuss this issue more seriously later with your assistance EIH67, do move to the seat at the desk left side; and let’s hear what your female colleague has to say.’

IH75 was ushered in and was asked politely to take the seat, which EIH67 has just evacuated. She too was skeptic particulary after she read the chairman’s despising thoughts, and of all the committee members facing her; and seeing EIH67 sitting next to the committee desk aroused her suspicions. Has he given her up in some mysterious way? As he sat there without communicationg thoughts to her, and reading his thoughts she realized that he wonders why the committee decided to question her at all...

Could you IH75 with your female intuition tell us who were behind your and your colleagues’ expulsion?’

She realized that no one of the moon ruling committee members did expect a worthwhile answer from her, and the mention of her female intuition was in fact an indirect sarcastic insult.

One of us an ex group member of mine told me that he recognized the voice of HER48, the chairman of the promotion and excellence encouragement committee, and to his estimation this certain chairman and his committee members are behind the coup d’etat...’

Is he more intelligent that all of you, or more experienced this certain group member of yours?’ DH11 wondered aloud, watching IH75 with an intent stare, she did surprise him; while she didn’t have to read his thoughts to realize it, his face radiated it clearly.

No he isn’t wise at all, I don’t trust him and I suspect that he has some connection to it… It isn’t based on evidence, but that’s how I felt when he told it to me.’ IH75 added without paying attention to EIH67 body language, and she did not bother to read his worried thoughts.

All rights © belont to Haim Kadman �" July 2017.

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