The threat

The threat

A Story by Haim Kadman

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The Planet of Peach

An excerpt

The moon ruling committee members were having their daily session at the air terminal control center, to inspect the spaceship flight back to the planet of peace; and to analize and find out what could be the current situation over there, which might endanger the moon’s security in the near future.

With the supervision of the spaceship flight with the alleged mole aboard, they were free to interrogate meticulously IH75; she was present at the session, from its very beginning, and she has already cooperated by her free wiil; she’ll have to tell them whatever she knows, and whatever she tried to hide from them. EIH67 was kept in isolation for the time being in one of the small ante rooms for his turn, as he is after all the deposed chairman of the planet of peace ruling committee.

They were not convinced by his pretence of ignorance, concerning the planet of peace ruling bodies.

Your attention please dear colleagues,’ DH11 turned to his ruling committee members, whose attention was directed at the mobile mind reading map, which reminded at first sight a transparent coffin; and was brought in by a crew of three robots. It was put on a two feet stand, which was brought along with it; and when their task was done with, the three robot left and DH11 continued his speech; while watching intently IH75.

Three days ago a spaceship carrying twenty nine ex moon citizens of the moon first generation landed at the air terminal of our capital city. Its twenty nine passengers were the expelled planet of peace founding fathers, they were received quite warmly, despite their previous desertion at the year 2210. We do appreicate their outstanding achievements at the planet of peace, and we’re ready to allow them to rejoin our community as if they’ve never left us.’ He made a short pause while checking IH75 body language, and kept wondering how much impressed she is by the candid exposure of his feelings.

IH75 who was busy reading his thoughts, was well aware to his wish to make her talk; or by her free will or by force, and for that purpose that coffin like appartus was brought in by the crew of robots.

I’d better tell him willingly all he wishes to hear, but I’ll be careful not to expose our thought reading capability. She decided resuloutly the moment she saw the robot bringing in that threatening appartus. She did not have to listen to more coaxing words.

But DH11 had some more compelling sentences to add:

There’re some significant aspects to the landing of the planet of peace spaceship, and what I mean is the current situation over there; and the threat that it pertains to our peaceful community. Thus we must reveal who is behind the expulsion of our twenty nine brethern, and what are the designs of whoever is behind the coup d’etat over there.’ He nade one more short pause, and turned directly to IH75.

Now after you’ve got over the traumatic feelings no doubt due to your and your colleagues’ expulsion, you’re able to remmeber no doubt much more details; or should we resolve to some scientific methodes to revive your memory?’

Oh I do remember many things now sir, I’ve my own assumption of what took place over there; and I’m willing to do my best in assiting you honorable committee members to find out what happened and what’s going on there by now.’

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman �" July 2017.

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on July 30, 2017
Last Updated on July 30, 2017
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