An unexpected change

An unexpected change

A Story by Haim Kadman

A reminder: the thriller “The Death Sciences” is free to download during the last two days left, up to the 20th of August.


An unexpected change

The Death Sciences

An excerpt

The shutters at the “newcomer’s” house were down; there was no sign of life beyond them. As he slowed down his pace Samir kept walking on. Passing the somber two-story house once, he turned on his heels with disbelief to pass in front of it a second time.

What’s wrong, what could have happened? Isn’t she home tonight, working? Once again he was assailed with restlessness and doubts, associated with subconscious fears; the fear of the “malevolent eye”, which kept haunting him �" particularly while he was encountering difficulties.

A dark broad figure appeared at the entrance of the next small house, blocking it as he was approaching it slowly. A buxom middle-aged woman it was standing at the doorway, her shawl was covering her head and accentuating the shadow of a mocking smile.

I’d better ignore her and simply walk on. He thought at first, but as he was about to pass her he stopped, and looked straight into her mocking eyes; ready to ask her without shame, the whereabouts of the newcomer, or whatever could have happened to her �" as it seemed this woman must have known something.

As their eyes met a sudden change crossed the woman’s face. His troubled air, his handsome pale face aroused her compassion; and she’d teased already several other clients of the newcomer, who sauntered by much earlier �" she had enough of it. In a sudden and brisk change of mind she offered him her help. ‘She left,’ she whispered to him, ‘She ran for her life to Amman this very morning, before sunrise.’

Is that so?’ He exclaimed nodding his head with wonder, grateful though to that woman, whom he did not know and have never seen before.

Her kinsfolk are looking for her, that’s what I’ve heard and true it must be, for the poor soul is on the run.’ She added expressing her regret.

I see, thank you so much.’ He muttered with difficulty and turning away, he left her and walked on in the empty lane.

So she ran away, fleeing for her life… Must have crossed the river on one of the bridges �" she could have been way deep in the Kingdom of Jordan by now. He thought disappointed. What a lousy luck, a real fine start to begin with! He sulked with much bitterness and frustration. But it could be a good sign after all, a good sign indeed! Isn’t he himself supposed to get there very soon, tomorrow “inshalla” (if Allah wishes so), if he will accomplish his task without a hitch.

Oh come on! He urged himself. There’re others, she isn’t the only one I know, is she? There were two more places where he could go and pay a visit to. But he liked better that certain wench, he took fancy to her heavy bosom; her darkish purple n*****s, which made such a contrast with her ivory pale skin. What’s more she didn’t charge him excessively as did most of the others. These after all were not his only open options; he kept encouraging himself while keeping a steady stride forward. He could tour the nightclubs and the few hotels in that eastern part of the city �" hunt down one of those blue-eyed foreigners. Sure, no doubt at all! Yeah, the big butterfly hunter! He scolded himself getting back to reality in a surprising sudden switch. I could have made love to a bunch of them till dawn…. If I’d the time to spare, but I haven't! No, not the shortest spell of time should I waste. Yeah, sheer waste it should be…! He decided in a heated frenzy, pulling his wallet a second time, ready to count its contents.

But why count my money? What for? He wondered in dismay, shocked by his own unexplained conduct. Isn’t it a deadly trap, a one-way trail to my own doom? He panicked suddenly as the features of the bearded man were taking shape in his mind’s eye. Hasn’t that treacherous hyena double-crossed me? Why didn’t he brief me on my escape plan? Was there an escape plan at all…?

Terrified for the second time over these haunting suspicions, assailed by growing fears and anxiety he stopped all alone in the dark lane; peering straight forward absentmindedly, holding his wallet in his right hand.

They’re going to forsake me right after it! What am I waiting for then? Shouldn’t I save my own hide and clear off, while there’s still time to do so? Run for my life…! Vanish into thin air without leaving any traces behind me…‘No never!’ He muttered aloud listening frightfully to the echoes of his own voice, coming fast back from the bare dark alley walls surrendering him. They won’t desert me! They won’t leave me behind and I shouldn’t have given such an idea the slightest thought I must do it; I must accomplish my task, whatever the risks might be… even if the price would be my own death!

Tears stood in his eyes. He was already mourning his lost youth, swept in a wave of self-pity.

But having reached such a high peak of emotions, made him drop back into reality - to the empty dark alley where he was standing alone undecided.

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman �" 2017.

A reminder: the thriller “The Death Sciences” is free to download during the last two days left, up to the 20th of August.

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on August 19, 2017
Last Updated on August 19, 2017
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Haim Kadman

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