sudden suspicions

sudden suspicions

A Story by Haim Kadman

The thriller “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” is free to download for $0.99, from the 21sth up to the 28th of August. 


Sudden suspicions

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

An excerpt

On his way to his office Jeff was troubled with suspicions, he feared that Morgan might double cross him; and turn him into a scapegoat, if what Morgan told him is not the truth; and if the agency's head decided to recheck the case, and Morgan has betrayed him already.

Well I'll have to wait and see, and if Morgan will claim that he did not know a thing about it, until it happened and he doesn't know anything about it; and he'll emphasize that it was my personal initiative because I envied Greg and hated his guts… He's going right now to the weekly meeting without me, and who knows what he's going to disclose in this meeting; and that's might by the reason why he instructed me to brief Ben right now… I'll have to provide Abe with the taped conversations I'd with Morgan, which I took without his knowledge. Jeff kept thinking as he entered his office. I won't save my hide but I'll force Morgan to share the same advers fate with me, if... Meanwhile I've to play the game according to Morgan's rules. Jeff concluded and dialing zero he called the operation hall, and ordered Galen to report before him in his office. 'Oh there you're Ben do sit down.' He welcomed his most trusted man, as soon as Ben closed the office door.

'Listen Ben you'll have to arrive at "the farm" as early as possible, to alert the camp's commander and his staff of our plan; which is to train Scot that's his real name by the way. Well he'll arrive there on Monday afternoon not earlier; you'll have time enough to prepare

them to let him in without carrying an agency identity card.' Jeff picked up a document off his desk, and gave it to Galen. 'Here's a written order by Bill that describes our operation as top secret, and you'll hand it to the camp's commander. They'll have to accommodate Scot and two more special instructors in "the farm", all along Scot's planed three months training. It will be your responsibility Ben, to ensure that no one including the camp's commander will bother Scot and his two instructors.'

'But they're my seniors, and the camp's commander has surely an equal rank as Morgan has.'

'You'd better read the written order that I gave you, it's your pass and it authorizes you to keep off any snoop whatever rank he's will have to stay away from your group of trio. It won't be too hard to achieve it, as that trio will be accommodated in a secluded hut, and there they'll have their meals. 'I guess I'll need your help Jeff.'

'You know what? I'll come to the farm next Monday at about midday with the two instructors, and we'll have lunch with "the farm" commander and his staff, okay Ben?'

'But what am I supposed to do there Jeff?' 'Nothing much Ben, just to make sure that the trio's hut is off limits to the camp's personnel, and when they'll get used to it you'll be able to return home right after lunch at the camp's mess hall.'

'Okay and thanks Jeff.' 'On top of it all I'll ask Morgan to send Irene from time to time, to distract our subject matter thoughs; and thus to help you to ease things over there. Well you're off duty Ben up to next Monday, and keep your mouth shut tight.'

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman �" 2017.

The thriller “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” is free to download for $0.99, from the 21sth up to the 28th of August. 

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on August 26, 2017
Last Updated on August 26, 2017
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Haim Kadman

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