Praise and flattery

Praise and flattery

A Story by Haim Kadman

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Praise and flattery

The Thrilling Adventure

An excerpt

On their way back to Addis Roghel who was sitting between Josh and Yaniv on the car's rear seat praised his own decision to appoint Degani as a team's head, and how well Degani behaved towards the Ethiopian Generals.

'They were fascinated by Degani's young age and his ability to express himself orally.' Yaniv hastened to add his view of flattery, with a show of unusual enthusiasm.

If he wasn't sitting next to his master that praised Degani, he would have slandered him out of jealousy. Josh thought disgusted and angered by Yaniv's exaggerated flattery. Isn't he returning to his team in Jijiga the lickspittle? He could have flown from Awash over there, and save the delegation money. Josh went on thinking but he did not intend to scold Yaniv or turn to Roghel with the question that bothered him, in front of the other two young delegation members, which were sitting on the car's front seats. Neither the military attaché Yaniv's patron nor the two young Captains on the front seat commented on Yaniv's flattering words. They knew too well the military attaché's ambiguous character, and that it could be a test to check what they're thinking or if Degani's surprising appointment has offended them.

Roghel on the other hand said enough and had no intention to add unneeded compliments to that young punk whose wife contributed directly her share to her young husband's appointment and he dedicated his thoughts to the advantages of that young female and how he may use her blessed services once again.

They made a short stop at Adama to refuel the car and to have a late lunch, in Adama's most popular restaurant at the Ayu Hotel. The hotel restaurants were the most suitable places for Europeans to have their meals outside, and it depended of course on the hotel's renown and its number of stars.

They were the restaurants only guests at this late hour, the hotel's guests were passing their time in town or in the country side.

The head waiter himself prepared their seats, by adjoining two tables to accommodate all of them together; and helped the military attaché to take his seat; while the four others watched the scene amazed, and sat down only after the military attaché was already seated.

'Well make your choice each one of you; it's on the delegation's hosting budget.' Roghel told the four of them smiling.

'What do you wish to drink wine or beer?' He went on letting his inferiors realize how well he thinks the commando training course opening ceremony was, and how satisfied and contented he is.

After the menus were reviewed and the orders were made, Roghel wished to know what were the impressions of the two young Captains, what have they noticed as bystanders that did not have to take part in the parley between him, Josh and the three Ethiopian Generals. Each one of the two young Captains answered in a few words what they believed that the Generals felt and their positive impressions filled the military attaché with pride and augmented his high spirits.

Yaniv too felt that he must describe his positive impressions, while Josh did not say a single word, and preferred to keep his own thoughts to himself.

'What's your opinion Josh? You haven’t uttered a single word since we left Awash.' The military attaché wondered, after all it was his brilliant idea to swap Oron the trouble maker with Daphnie.

'It was a real success Erez I'm sure that the Awash team will make us proud, besides I thought it's time to visit Jijiga…' He added while watching Roghel with a quizzical stare.

'Oh really, we haven't paid that team a visit for quite a while already.' Roghel agreed with a short laugh. Josh's insinuation that it's high time that Yaniv will return to his team amused him.

Meanwhile the waiters returned with their orders, and the various dishes were put before each one of them. The conversation was cut off, and Roghel looked at Josh smiling and muttered: 'Good appetite.'

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You can read the 1st 3chap. of each of my 24 books and thrillers in this link: 

You may read just as well the 636 excerpts of my books and thrillers, at this link:

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