The bait

The bait

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of the 1st chapter of my future 25th book.


The bait

An excerpt of the 1st chapter of 25th book.

She could not do a thing for truth sake so excited she was, until the right time came and she had to walk over again to the other building; to meet once again the company general manager.

He was polite towards her just as he at their previous meeting. The big boss that stranger that did not bother to introduce himself, but he did conduct such a soothing conversation with her for quite a while, on nothing at all.

What am I supposed to do sir?’ She asked him at last after she gathered all her couuage, and with quite a show of self confidence.

Oh nothing much,’ he assured her. ‘You’ve some virtual ties with several men and women on the net, and there is one among them, that we would like to know better.’ He made a short pause to check whether she has any objections at this early stage.

It’s a man isn’t it? Who is this man sir?’ She had enough of his round about approach, not realizing that it was exactly how he expected her to react.

He introduces himself as Roberto…’

But I’d just a few words with him now and then, and he’s the least among my virtual friends, with which I chat from time to time.’

Yes we know all the few chats you’d with him, it’s alright, what’s needed is just a small change of attitude on your part, that’s all.’

Do I have to suduce him or what…?’ She barged into his last words, worried and riddled with suspicions .

Relax Sonia, we don’t expect you to become some kind of a Mata Hari, you’ll have to be more friendly to him that’s all; we’ll supply you with the right texts, so you won’t have to prob your pretty head about it.’

How long would it take and what are the next stages sir? Do I’ve to make him talk or what?’

Well, it depends on you and on him in particular. He’s a middle aged man, his name is Fabrizio Rosetti. An Italian scientist, an expert in his domain. He’s married and I wouldn’t define his married as an exceptional success, you know… You did chat with your virtual friends in your free time, but now you’ll be paid for it. In any case it won’t be a hard task particularly for a young and pretty woman like you Sonia…’

I still don’t get what you expect me to do sir?’ She had no intention to be left in the dark, and end up in what could be defined as a nightmare.

We think that you’re the very right type that would make him board a plane, and land in our country…’

Make him board a plane! Do you really believe that they’ll stop at that point, and tell you okay you did your share…’ Dimitri exclaimed raising his voice angrily, when he just heard his wife’s first sentences.

Oh yes that’s what he said, they’ll detain him at the airport, right after landing; I won’t have anything to do with him, I won’t even see him if that’s what troubles you my dear.’

I don’t believe them they’ll always come with some new excuses, like something went wrong, we didn’t know that he has a diplomatic passport… You must give us a hand, he knows you, show him around, show him your bedroom how well it decorated… That’s what I’m afraid of dearest Sonichka,’

Don’t you think you’re exaggerating, expressing your primitive fears, don’t you trust me?’

No I’m not exaggerating! I’ll tell what I’ll do, I’m going to bust our computer.’ He declared vehemently. ‘We don’t have the means neither to buy a new one nor to repair it, and you can tell them that your drunken and jealous husband busted the computer!’

Whatever you say darling, but do calm down.’ She said softly rushing to his arms.

But what about the extra pay I was supposed to get?’

I’ll work overtime twice a week, okay? We don’t have to do their dirty work, let them use their pros.’ He added and graspped her hard to his heaving chest. ‘But they’ll supply us with a brand new computer, and they’ve a copy of all my conversations with my virtual friends… You know what my dear I’ll tell that our old computer stopped functioning; that would be a much better excuse to make them supply us with a new computer, which means that we’ll have to damage our old computer...’ ‘It isn’t much different from what I’ve suggested,’ He remarked laughing,

But alright we’ll act according to your plan my darling; but if they won’t detain him, and you’ll be asked to carry whatever they have in store for you, you’ll declare that you’re sick and we’ll hospitalize you. That will our last resort plan.’ Dimitri summed up what seemed to both of them, as their crucial problem.

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