On his deathbed

On his deathbed

A Story by Haim Kadman

An except of my 25th book to be published soon.


On his deathbed

An excerpt

The next morning Tseirov packed his tape recorder and his laptop, and drove straight to the address that his caller, this certain woman had given him. He was not expected at the editorial up to noontime, thus he could interview that woman’s husband at his ease, and find out what this mysterious man wishes to tell him.

It must be some episode of anti-terror activities abroad no doubt, or some other hush-hush business, and learning its details won’t take more than one hour or a few additional moments. That’s what Tseirov thought, while trying to figure out what shape that meeting is going to take.

As most of the dwellers who lived in that street must have left much earlier for their daily work, there was plenty of free parking space, except a handful of cars that were parked next to the pavement on both the street’s sides.

Tseirov parked his car at the curb near the small house, which was his morning destination. He switched off his car’s engine, and kept sitting on for a few seconds, to relax. He took a deep breath of air into his lungs, before picking up his things and getting out of his car. He opened the small front painted gate walked the few steps to the main door, and stood there amazed and frustrated by his own excitement, before summoning all his courage to ring the door’s bell.

He heard the footsteps of someone getting nearer and then the door opened up by a middle aged woman, who stood facing him for a friction of a second without a word.

Do come in please,’ she said at last in a low voice, and stepped aside to let him pass her and enter her modest dwelling. He made a few steps forward in the dark corridor, and then stopped and turned around to watch her as she shut the door.

She was clad very modestly in a light summer dress, had a rather lithe figure and looked young for her age. He could not figure out how old she is, she is no doubt older than himself, it was quite clear to him. But despite her middle age plus, she is still a good looking woman, Tseirov thought amazed as she turned towards him and led him inside.

A shade of sadness though covered her fine features. She must have been very pretty as a young woman, he thought a bit confused, and she’s used to hot adoring looks no doubt. He went on thinking as his eyes met her indifferent cold gaze, while she passed him and led the way to an open door bedroom.

An old man was wrapped in a blanket lying on a narrow bed in that small room. His wrinkled pale face made him look much older than his real age must be. Even Tseirov who did not have much experience yet in such matters, being in his early thirties, was able to conclude that the enfeebled and drained man looked much older for his age; and is on his deathbed in fact.

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Added on September 24, 2017
Last Updated on September 24, 2017
Tags: Suspense, intelligence, extortion, betrayal, escape


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Haim Kadman

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