The extravagant plan

The extravagant plan

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my 22nd book and thriller. The thriller “His Swan Song” will be free to download for $0.99 from Oct. the 18th up to Oct. the 25th 2017.


The extravagant plan

His Swan Song

An excerpt

On a late Sunday afternoon in the Iranian capital, the supreme leader summoned his special cabinet most trusted members; which consisted of the president, his first vice president, three ministers, the chief of staff, the revolutionary guards commander and Major Genral Qasem Soleimani the commander of Al-Quds force.

After the traditional prayer of the meeting opening, his Holy Highness addressed his loyal subordinates with a short overview of the meeting main issue.

'The battle to conquere Mosul and defeat Da'esh (ISIS) is nearing its successful end, and our next task will be to conquer ar-Raqqah and to overthrow those despised band of murderers from Syria too.' He made a short pause to check the spread document on the the desk before his eyes.

'Our goal is to rule the entire levant through the Shia regimes of Iraq and Syria, and to spread our hegemony from the Indian Ocean up to the Mediteranian Sea. Now it's the right time to do it by clearing Iraq from the Sunnie infidels, and by pushing the Sunnie survivors across the Turkish border; while our next task will be to conquer ar-Raqqah and drive them out of Syria too.' He looked on the faces of his loyal subordinates with a searching look, to check their reaction to his far sighted plan.

After a short silence of several seconds, Hossein Dahaghani the minister of defense asked His Holly Highness permission to talk.

'Your Holly Highness my esteemed colleagues, I'd like to remind us the controversial interest with the Kurds and Turkey in particular, which might inflame a regional war…'

'Thank you Hossein for reminding us the dangers and obstacles, which we'll have to avoid.' His Holly Highness barged into the defense minister wise remark. 'This complicated operation should be carried out very carefully, and with step by step stages; in which we will deceive our enemies and allies alike, I expect to hear your views on that complicated issue.' His Holly Highness made a short pause and silence ensued again, but the Mouazin loud chanting call for Maghrib (sunset prayer) through the minaret loudspeakers has cut off the embarrassing silence.

'We'll make a break for prayer and supper, and you'll have all the time to think things over.' His Holly Highness said as he stood up and led his cabinet members to his miniature masjid (mosque, or prayer chamber), and after ten minutes time approximately, they were all sitting next the huge table, at His Holly Highness dining room.

Supper passed in complete silence and thus they were free to dedicate their thoughts to reach possible suggestions, how to form a suitable plan according to His Holly Highness guiding lines.

At the end of the meal they were led again by His Holy Highness, to the consultation hall.

'Well I believe that you've thought it over, and I'm ready to hear your views on our main issue.' His Holly Highness opened the second half of his cabinet consultation meeting.

'What's your opinion Hassan? His Holly Highness turned to the president.

'Your Holly Highness and honored colleagues, we're encountered with a very arduous challenge. I believe that before the conquest of Mosul and ar-Raqqah we should create a terrestrial route from Teheran to Damascus, this route should run along the Turkins border through the Kurdish autonomy; and thus instead of flying our troops to Damascus, we'll send them in motorized convoys along Iraq and Syria northern borders; in order to be able to control the Kurdish populated areas, and to stop the Turkish invasion into Iraq and Syria.'

'But with Your Holly Highness permission I'd like to remind His Excellency the president that the Turks have already invaded Iraq and Syria.' Major General Jafari exclaimed excitedly. 'And in my opinion His Excellency's suggested initiative might cause unexpected hostilities with the Turks, and a possible break out of a regional war.'

'That's no doubt an undeniable threat Hassan, which we’ve to take into account.' His Holly Highness remarked, and thanked Major General Jafari for his wise comment. 'What's your answer Hassan?' His Holly Highness was not very fond of his president particularly after the latter successful deal with the Americans, and he did not mind if his president will be humiliated in front of all the cabinet members.

'If we'll start that plan without delay the Turks won't dare to stop us, their president has arrested most of his generals and crippled his army after the staged Coup D'etat; and if he’ll dare to threaten us with hostilities we'll threaten to destroy his new palace in Ankara with two or three guided missiles, and that palace is more dear to him than his own life and his own people.' President Hassan Rohanei summed up his explanation with a cotemt chuckle.

'Well that's true the Turk has cut his ties with the Americans and with NATO.' His Holly Highness noted with approval. 'Fine we'll send Qassem to Baghdad to update al-Abadi, and start implementing your suggested plan Hassan.'

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman " 2017.

The thriller “His Swan Songwill be free to download for $0.99, from Oct. the 18th up to Oct. the 25th.

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on September 30, 2017
Last Updated on September 30, 2017
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