A fair advice

A fair advice

A Story by Haim Kadman

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A fair advice

His Swan Song

An excerpt

The next day at twelve thirty they were already having lunch at the hotel’s restaurant, after the flight and checking-in.

He was determind to reach the White House without alerting anyone that he is coming. He was sure that it is his duty to bring fourth the issue of Mosul’s conquest dangerous aftermath.

Right after lunch he escorted his wife back to their suite, and called the reception to order a cab for him.

I’m off honey,’ he told his wife that stood beside him. ‘I’ll be back not later than seven pm.’ He promised his wife, kissed her and went down to the lobby.

I’d better have head to head audience with the president, and thus I’ll be able to present to him our problem’s full aspects. He thought and decided to do it all alone.

At the reception counter he was told by one the clerks that the cab is waiting for him outside. He thanked him, went out and boarded the cab.

At the White House main gate, he got off paid the driver, and despite his appearance as an ordinary visitor; he was identified by the sentries, and was let in.

He made his way through the East Colonnade as an ordinary visitor in a slow gait, up to the East Garden room; he crossed it and turned right to the library, where he hoped to find one of the house staff. He knew that the presidnet is on leave with his family, and there is just one person that can reach him; who that person is he had no idea, it could be the chief of staff or one of the president’s loyal advisers…

It could be that cheeky young man that the president trusts more than anyone else, the one that serves as the deputy national security advisor. The secretary of defense thought and started to regret his exalted idea of accomplishing his duties up to the last moment.

I should have stayed home up to my last day in office. He scolded himself as he entered the library. But to his surprise he saw the White House chief of staff sitting in a corner with an open book in his hands.

Oh hello Bob I was sure you’re on leave, up to our last day.’ The White House chief of staff added with a wry smile. But he stood up and shook the secretary of defense hand.

How can I get in touch with the president’

You can’t, there’s just one person that communicates with him, it’s... Well do I’ve to tell you who she’s? She gave you his smartphone number, the day before yesterday if I’m not wrong, but it’s been changed already... In any case she isn’t in, I’d lunch with her and she’d to hop home, and she won’t be back till tomorrow, What's your   problem Bob?’

I was asked by the president to give him a full report on my last trip to Iraq, and it’s my duty to warn the president on the mess that we might encounter after Mosul’s conquest; I believe it should be discussed urgently at the forum of the national security council and the president’s advisers.’

The battle of Mosul might last several months or even a full year, and you know it better than me Bob, so why bother when we’ve a few more days left till we’re history?’

It’s our duty to leave the next administration a well prepared plan of action, to prevent the outbreak of a civil war between the Iraqi government and the Kurdish autonomy.’

I’m not familiar with what is going on over there, it’s your domain Bob; but the president doesn’t think that we should help his replacement to run smoothly the country’s business, on the contrary the president is doing whatever he can to hamper the house new resident; to make him fail and establish a basis for an impeachment...’

But they’ve the majority in the congress, they won’t impeach him even if he’ll fail drastically.’

You’re wrong Bob they hate him not less than we do.’

So you recommend me to drop that problem, and leave it to the next administration as it is?’

Yes that’s exactly what the president wants.’

Even if it will harm critically our country’s interests?’

I don’t think it might harm us that much, but when we’ll regain power we’ll repair with ease the very few things, which will need to be repaired.’

Okay Don I’ll take your advice.’ The secretary of defense declared and left his seat. He did not like at all what he was told, and the harsh cynical terms about the president’s nasty whims; but there was nothing he could do, he thought frustrated on his way out.

On coming back to the hotel he met his wife in the lobby.

You’re early dearest is everything okay?’

Yes honey I’ve settled successfully all I’d to do, and as I’m free from now on, we’ll do some sightseeing up to the end of the month, and return home to spend Silvester with our kids.’

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Added on October 2, 2017
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