It's her again

It's her again

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my 21st thriller - The thriller “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” will be free to download for $0.99, from Oct. the 5th up to Oct. the 12th.. 


It’s her again

Sic Transit Goria Mundi

An excerpt

The first week of his second stay in The Farm, passed quite fast; the studies were interesting as it was Scot's first time to be introduced to the full scope of this certain domain's although he was introduced just to its essentials, but he spent several hours every evening in the camp's library, after Jack and his two instructors left at the end of day; and he was all alone during most of his visits there, there was no librarian and the place was open twenty four hours a day. On Scot's first Saturday in what seemed an abandoned camp, as most of the staff left to pass the weekend with their families; he had breakfast at the camp's mess hall, as there was no one to bring his and his instructors meals to his cabin. And right afterwards he spent the rest of the time up to lunch at the library, but after a while he decided to return to his cabin and watch TV. He was bored and restless, and decided to do some physical training exercises and end up with jogging round the camp's perimeter. At about four forty five pm when he switched off the TV set and changed into shorts, and a tee shirt ready to leave his cabin; there was a knock on the cabin's front door, it opened up and that same green eyed young female whom he met about ten days ago in New York entered smiling. 'May I come in?' She asked and went straight in without waiting for his answer. 'Oh howdy sure, glad to see you again, do sit down please.' Scot welcomed her and as she sat down, he went to the front door, which she left open and closed it. 'So how're you doing Scot, I like that name better.' She added with a sweet chuckle. 'I'm fine thanks,' he said and kept watching her with a quizzical look. 'The name is Irene; oh I was a bit bored so I thought of having a picnic with you, on the lawn outside. It's a beautiful day and I enjoyed very much the ride over here.' She coughed slightly after her long monologue, but did not wait to hear what he has to say. 'Sorry to have barged into your life without a notice. ' 'Oh that's a blessed gesture on your part Irene.' He smiled to her and realized how both of them are a bit thrilled by her unexpected appearance, like a pair of kids at their first date. 'I've got everything needed in my car outside, so..,' 'I'll just put on a shirt and join you Irene.' It's such a joy to see her again and to utter her name. He thought amazed while watching her slim figure while she was on her way out. She was sent to persuade me to return, and did it with such charm and ease… Her charms are fascinating he kept thinking quite excitedly. But how come she's free to pay me a visit on a Saturday hasn't she some one that dates her? Scot wondered while changing. She seems quite happy to see me again; it isn't just an ordinary task, like her meeting me some ten days ago in that bar in New York. But I'd better not rush into conclusions, and see how we'll get on. He decided and went out. As he came out he saw her sitting on a spread table cloth on the lawn, next to a small loaded basket and a bottle or red wine. Her skirt covered her thighs but exposed her lovely shaped calves and ankles. She looked up at him smiling with pursued lips. She seemed glad to be there with him, and that it did not take him long to join her. He crouched and sat down opposite her as close as he could, without touching her beautifully shaped legs. She pulled out a cork opener from the basket, and handed it to him. 'That’s your task Scot,' she said with a tiny smile, and pulled out two small goblets from a plastic rectangular box. 'Pour me just a few drops, I've to drive back home.' She added letting him understand that she does not intend to spend the night with him. While he was busy with the wine bottle, she rummaged her basket and pulled out two paper plates and their improvised supper; two Texas Jo snacks, and she put it on the plates. He gave her the goblet with the few drops and they raised it to their lips without a word. He knew that if he wishes to see her again, he had better not suggest to her to drink as much as she feels like, and stay the night with him; or ask her if she is free, and end up with some other foolish remarks, He had to be patient and let her ask the questions, simply because that's her job and that's why she came for. 'So how are you doing Scot, though it looks as if I shouldn't have asked you; you do seem to me quite pleased with your second stay in The Farm.' Irene remarked after their supper was over. 'I'm fine Irene and I enjoy my stay here.' 'I'm glad to hear it Scot, and well I've got to go, but I'll come to have lunch with you tomorrow.' She added and stood up, and all he could do was to see her to her car.

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman " 2017.

The thriller “Sic Transit Gloria Mundiwill be free to download for $0.99, from Oct. the 5th up to Oct. the 12th.. 

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on October 3, 2017
Last Updated on October 4, 2017
Tags: suspense, intelligence, espionage, action, adventure, love


Haim Kadman
Haim Kadman

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