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Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

An excerpt

'What are you up to dear Irene, on a Sunday morning?' Her surprised mother asked her. 'I've got a date mum.’ Irene answered her and picked up the picnic basket, which she has prepared to take with her.

'But we're having lunch your dad and me, and with Andy your cousin...'

'I'm not fond of Andy mum, and I've some other plans, so you'd better call Andy and tell him that I was instructed to replace someone that fell ill and couldn't report at our working place. Do tell dad how sorry I'm…' 'But you did your extra duty yesterday afternoon, didn't you?'

'Well yes mum Karen didn't feel well yesterday afternoon, and to my regret she's not recovered yet, so bye mum.' Irene kissed her mother's cheek and went out to her car.

He's an intelligent guy and quite handsome too. Irene kept thinking on her way to The Farm. He likes me and it was my first ever time that I felt at ease in a male's company. I like him too and I could fall in love with him; or am I in love with him already I wonder, while I don't have the slightest idea to where he'll be sent at the end of his three months course. So what am I supposed to do? She kept pondering undecided. I'll ask a transfer I've had enough of being his secretary, I'm tired and sick of his passes and rudeness… The trouble is I hardly know what it's all about, just he and Jeff know all the details; Ben is their blind tool, just as Bill is using me. She concluded as she got nearer to the camp. She had to wait a moment or two at the gate till the sentry checked her identity card, and opened the gate to let her drive on. When she stopped the car near Scot's cabin her Smartphone rang, it was Bill.

'You didn't call me last night, and where are you now?' 'I've just arrived at the camp sir, and I didn't wish to intrude you last night so I've called Galen instead.' 'That's the last time that you're calling Galen, I won't remind you again whom you've to call.' Morgan scolded her and switched off.

He's taking care not to overdo it despite his anger, Irene thought amused. The cabin front door opened up and Scot stood in the door way watching her, while she was sitting still behind the steering wheel. She opened the boot's lid and got off.

'Hi Scot, won't you come down and give me a hand, the takeaway is a bit heavy.' She added smiling.

'Let's sit over there under that tree, where we sat yesterday afternoon.' She told him as he pulled the loaded basket out, and was ready to return to the cabin. She led the way and Scot carrying the basket followed her and watched her slim figure and the lovely lines of her body. She was attired in light yellow slacks and wore a blue light shirt, and the way she moved aroused him.

As they reached the shaded area under the tree, she turned around and pulled off the table cloth, which covered the basket's top. She spread it on the ground and settled gracefully down on it.

'No one came to pay you a visit except me?' Irene asked him teasingly as Scot sat down opposite her.

'Luckily enough no one except you Irene.' He answered her with an amused smile, and made her laugh happily.

'Oh I forgot to bring wine.' She muttered as she took out the paper plates and the food she brought along.

'Okay I'll get us wine, yesterday's bottle is still almost full.' Scot stood and went over to the cabin.

She's testing me and she didn't bring wine along on purpose, she wants to know if I've emptied the bottle or part of it last night. He concluded with understanding and liked the sophisticated way, in which she was running their budding relationship.

'Don't you wonder why I'm visiting you, instead of, you know…?' She asked him as he came back with the bottle of wine in his hand.

'You're too smart for most guys.' He answered her candidly, asserting openly how delighted he is in her company.

'Oh thanks so much Scot, but doesn't it bother you?'

'Of course not, I enjoy immensely your company Irene.'

They ate in complete silence with a strange mute understanding, how much they enjoy each other's company.

She knows all about me, all my personal details, and it's too early to try to find out what she wants and what she thinks of me. It seems that she'll visit me during my coming weekends here, and if I'll be that lucky and they won't send someone else… He kept thinking watching her green eyes and her beautiful features, as she poured them coffee from the thermos that she brought along.

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman �" 2017.

This enthralling thriller “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”, which relates the trials of Scot Finlay a CIA agent, who’s persuaded to return to the service six months after he was expelled; a green eyed and extremely wise and good looking young female, “helps him to make up his mind... While he is unaware to what awaits him...

You may download this enthralling thriller for just $0.99, from Oct. the 5th up to Oct. the 12th. 

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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honestly im intrigued. i love thrillers

Posted 7 Months Ago

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