The wreath

The wreath

A Story by Haim Kadman

An ecerpt of my 25th book and thriller, to be published soon.


The wreath

The Bait

An excerpt

On her fifth visit at her late husband’s grave, Sonia noticed with surprise a wreath on Dimitri’s grave with the FSB emblem on it, and with the writing: “You will be missed but never forgotten �" Dimitri Guromov.” And as she was standing over it with tears in her eyes, Igor arrived as if out of nowhere.

We’re still terribly shocked all of us, everyone that worked with Dimitri, and learned to know him...’ He said in a low voice, in almost a whisper; while they kept standing five long minutes side by side in front of Dimitri’s grave, with low heads and in complete silence.

Come Vera I’ll give you a lift.’ He turned to her in her nickname, while they were leaving the cemetary.

I’ll come tomorrow morning at about seven thirty, to pick you up Vera.’

Haven’t I done my share? I thought of returning to the my working place next week, to my desk at the akron group branch.’ She prostested vehemently with alarm.

Unless you intend to get married and raise a family, you’ll have to keep on serving with us dear Vera.’

They know me better than I know myself, they know that I won’t even go out with another man and God only knows for how long.

Do I’ve to continue teaching him?’

No Vera this phase is over, you’ll have a much easier job.’ ‘Has it anything to do with him?’ She asked with a loud cough, she still suspected that they intend to turn her into his mistress.

I’ll explain everything to you in its full details tomorrow Vera.’ He answered her as they reached Dimitri’s parents’ home. ‘Do tell me the truth Igor, am I supposed to be his mistress?’ ‘God forbid of course not dear Vera, don’t worry please and do rely on me, see you tomorrow then.’ He added as she was gettin off.

Bozhe moi (oh my God), they won’t let me be… When he brought him along last week to our home, to pay us a condelence visit; I was sure that it’s the last that I’ve seen him, and now they want me to do what? Whatever it is, it’s my being with Fabrizio again. I can’t believe that it was an accident, they’ve killed my Dima… She concluded alarmed with a sudden flash of a terrific scare. She had to lean hard on the balustrade, as she stopped ascending the staircase. She almost fainted and it took her several minutes to recover and climb on.

It’s a wild hunch, and even if it’s true, I’ve no other choice but to obey them meanwhile. She concluded frustrated, as she reached the apartment front door.

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman �" 2017

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on October 21, 2017
Last Updated on October 21, 2017
Tags: suspense, intelligence, espionage, action, adventure, love


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Haim Kadman

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