Une histoire piquante

Une histoire piquante

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my first novel.


Une histoire piquant

An African Sunset

An excerpt

But that's not the real problem that plagues us.'

'What is it then?' Shatz wondered again quite intrigued.

'C'est une histoire piquant,' Everon remarked with emphasize. 'But this problem is about to be solved, in about a fortnight I'd say.'

'It’s the Priels’ then?'

'That's right; it’s them and our dear acquaintance, Da-Silva. When they first came to Mouaka they left the hotel after a short stay, and rode straight to the farm. Moshe didn't want to lose the five percent monthly difference of subsidy. That hasty “gold rush" of theirs brought in its wake the first wave of gossip that had turned into a mutual animosity by our compatriots at the embassy. About a couple of weeks later, they appeared at the embassy in full force, including their kids; with some bizarre tale and strange claims. It turned out quite surprisingly that they’ve checked in the hotel again, occupying its presidential suite " just think of it… They stayed almost a week already without having notified anyone, mind you. And they came to the embassy to demand a full coverage of their hotel expanses, and the rides to and fro between Dialo and Mouaka that were ‘forced’ upon Moshe. Well, it was quite a shock to the embassy’s mice, an earthquake I’d say, and I don't blame them. Who do you think was behind it all? It's our angel Hilla Priel of course.' He summed it up with a short laugh, but hastened to draw Shatz's attention to a certain sight. 'Take a look at your right, quick before you’ll miss her! Do you see that old hag over there? That sight should ease your pains I hope.' He remarked laughing cheerfully.

'In short', he went on talking without giving Shatz a chance to comment.

'Hell broke loose. You can imagine what Peleg thought seeing the hotel bill they have pushed under his nose. The previous ambassador the one Yossef replaced arrived on the double; having been urgently summoned and it turned out that he knew every little detail of it from the very beginning. Hilla called him up from their suite, right after they checked in. They had been encountered with a problem they weren't able to cope with, that's what they had told him. Well, it all started with Da-Silva who asked Moshe to join his two aides in a tour of the district's villages. Da-Silva himself stayed behind with no intentions to leave the farm on that certain weekend. Hilla, and that's her opinion alone, suspected that the whole thing was framed up to leave her behind as a helpless prey to Da-Silva's claws. That’s why she urged Moshe to drive her and their children to the Etoile, before he'll leave her to Da-Silva's mercy. That’s what he did and he joined them on his return, a couple of days later. What kept them so long at the hotel? That question bothered everyone in the embassy, except the ambassador who was very fond of Hilla, too fond of her I'd say and I don’t blame him. The poor thing was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she was allowed to take her time to recover; to overcome her fears that's what the previous ambassador said. Anyhow, from that time on just like in the legends, whenever Moshe had to leave the farm for a day or two, he installed Hilla and their offsprings in the Etoile's presidential suite.'

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman " 2017

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on October 25, 2017
Last Updated on October 25, 2017
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Haim Kadman
Haim Kadman

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