A futile meeting

A futile meeting

A Story by Haim Kadman

An except of my 25th book and thriller THE BAIT. You can read the 1st 3chap of my 24 books, or read the full text with KDP library;


A futile meeting

The Bait

An excerpt

The early urgent morning meeting was a waste of time according to Igor’s opinion, it was too early to discuss possible means and measures to prevent the failure of the Dima project. He was bored stiff by the theories raised by several of the directory’s experts; which were meant to sooth the directory head’s fears. He was in mid briefing with one of the directory’s best agents, when he was summoned to this futile meeting. ‘What’s your view Igor?’ The directory’s head turned to him.

He caught me off guard, Vera and the Italian were under my responsibility at home; but the one who’s responsible for their safety abroad is his deputy, so why does he turn to me? Igor wondered surprised, but he had to give him some reasonable answer.

It’s too early sir to reach any conclusions. We know that they’re being watched, and the Swiss authorities were informed on their arrival. They’ve landed in Lugano or they’re about to land there, so we’ve to wait and see how they’re doing; and whehther the Swiss authorities are letting them to stay in Lugano, or whether they’ll send them on to Italy.’

So you don’t think Igor that they might be arrested by the Swiss authorities?’

That’s how it looks like sir, they’ll keep an eye on them till they’ll cross the border; and then they’ll inform the Italians and be relieved by getting rid of them.’

That’s the only optimistic view that we’ve heard but I don’t think that you’re right Igor, they won’t survive without our finding the right way to assist them.’ One of the experts declared, but he did not suggest any possible solution.

Boris the deputy is extremely worried and the four experts present in this urgent meeting don’t agree with me, but they’ve realized the lot of them that there’s nothing they can do except wait and hope that the project will survive, despite the couple’s exposure. Igor thought sure that his opinion is the right one, and not the epocalyptical views of the directory’s experts.

Alright we’ll give our sources abroad a twenty four hours break, to find out in what state is this certain project of ours.’

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman �" 2017.

© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Noble purpose in writing this.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Haim Kadman

8 Months Ago

Thanks in any case, whether it's praise or criticism.
I'm a little bit intimidated by the high amount of views on this text but only the single review. As a Swiss I need to comment anyway.
This is of course an interesting setting and seems to tackle the refugee crisis, which was handled poorly by most European countries. I think this topic really hits the nerves of European societies, so it is a good choice and there is certainly a market for it and I would be interested to check out the story line.
However, I think it needs a little brusing up along the edges. There is a space somewhere before the first word of a sentence, whether was written with a 3rd h somewhere, to mention small examples. And there are expressions, such as: "they will be relieved by getting rid of..." Maybe "to get rid of" would make more sense? In the last sentence, the "is" doesn't sound well to me. Something like "to get a status update on this certain project [of ours]"?
Polishing the "edges" a little bit might improve the feeling the reader gets especially with the topic being espionage, where the reader should always feel a tad inferious to the intelligence agents.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Haim Kadman

8 Months Ago

Thanks so much kpoetry for your detailed comment and advice.
Oh dear where is the rest of the story? Is this part of a bigger story?

Posted 1 Year Ago

Haim Kadman

8 Months Ago

It's an excerpt of one of the book's chapters, and you'll surely notice that you can read some more .. read more

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