A god and mortal

A god and mortal

A Poem by H

"He may be a God, her a mortal; but its behind now" Loki/Jane oneshot


Sun beats down on closed lids

The plaid blanket lay below the two's bodies

Sturdy arms support one another

He may be a God, her a mortal; but its behind now

Peace washes over both as they relax in each others arms, safe

War has vanished and so has the everlasting fear

Nothing may ruin such a perfect scene

How did he manage to find her? He had always been second best

What did he pocess? No toned body, athlete abiliy, or even a sense of social companionship

But the cunning charm may have touched up those a tad

She was a beautiful creature, so pure and good, an angel on earth

Yet when she was angry that angel would attack full on

even if he is a god, those moments of rage could frighten any man, even the God of Mischief

He smiled, Jane was too good to be true

"Take that Thor," the words left his mouth unwillingly

Jane stirred,"Hmmm?"

Loki tightened his grip on her, afraid the god of thunder would swerve in and steal the gem he caressed so lovingly.

"Nothing, nothing at all.." He grinned, that mischevious smirk

Jane slapped him lightly and returned her head on his chest, taking in every beat of his heart's melody

Loki relaxed once more

The god was finally at peace. 



© 2011 H

Author's Note

I love this pairing Loki/Jane dont judge just adore(:

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I'm a great fan of the myths. I like the story. A combination of human and god fears in the words.
"Jane slapped him lightly and returned her head on his chest, taking in every beat of his heart's melody"
Thank you for the amazing poem and story.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on May 24, 2011
Last Updated on May 26, 2011
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London, United Kingdom

Name: H Age: 15 I really do hate how i write but i just do it to pass time now and then. When i get reviews i get really nervous and do not check them until someone else convinces me too and prac.. more..

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