A Poem by Courtney Hough

I’ve got a hard surface,
Live at the bottom of the sea.
And in me is some sand,
Beautiful soon just for me.

Others shells are whole,
No cracks no moss.
Perfect the stick their tongues out,
“You’re worthless and will be tossed.”

Time starts to pass,
And their gathered as one.
Yet I’m alone in the dark,
Listening to whales hum. 

When waves were violent,
They had eachother.
And I only my outer shell,
Where I’d take cover. 

Violently tossed,
Through strong waves.
Holding tight my treasure,
My gift I would save.

The time has come,
And a diver swims down.
Picking up all of them,
Off the sandy ground. 

He then spots me,
The only one alone.
He puts me in the bag,
My gift will have a home!

I’ve worked so hard,
Never did I rest!
I did all I was told,
Withstood every test!

He brings us up,
Onto the boat we go.
He dumps us out,
“let’s see what we found below!”

He opens the others,
“Look at this gorgeous and big!”
The oyster only glares at me,
Saying, “you can’t beat that kid.”

They keep opening,
Until all was done.
I lay there waiting,
“look we missed one.”

They pick me up,
“it’s ugly, throw it back.”
The others giggle,
“It has to many cracks.”

As I’m opened,
My shell breaks more.
I hope they like my gift,
They have a surprise in store.

“What? A black pebble?”
They shove my gift back.
They throw me over,
The others laugh.

“No!” I hear yelling.
“What have you done?
That had a black pearl,
The rarest one!”

I sink further down,
“we thought it was bad!”
My gift falls beside me,
“Didn’t know the rarity we had.”

The voice calls back,
“the more it’s broken.
The harder it squeezed,
Producing the most beautiful token.

And now she’s lost,
Swallowed by the sea.”
I guess others just can see,
The beauty in broken me.

© 2017 Courtney Hough

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My oldest, beloved, dearest, oldest and departed brother's favorite dog passed when I was a wee little tike
I loved my brother and I loved that mutt but not as much as my brother loved his dog
I knew not his pain but I felt his pain and was more sorrowed because of his pain than the death of his dog.

Some ten plus years later I had the great pleasure of my parents giving me what I perceived as a scraggly and ugly (cause he was dirty and needed a bath very bad) mutt. Goes without saying I did not want the ugly dirty thing. Mom's have a way of knowing and seeing what their kids are oblivious too. I had been all excited that day cause mom told me dad was bringing me a dog home. Well being a kid, my mind went immediately to "puppy" not "dog". So not only was the mutt dirty and ugly BUT I immediately could tell he was NOT a puppy.

I crossed my arms and began a BIG pout. I saw my mom doing that smile with a frown mixed thing. She came over and hugged me and asked me what was wrong. I was a kid and was not thinking of not hurting my dad's feelings, so I simply spoke what I was feeling and started to cry and said, "he's ugly and I don't want him." My dad simply said, "fine, I'll just take him to work with me tomorrow and drop him back by the tracks where I found him." That made my heart sink hard. I still didn't want him but I didn't want the poor thing to have to walk and live and most like be killed by a train. My mom frowned at my dad, looked and me and hugged me again and while hugging me said, "son, how about we give him a bath and feed him?" I said crying, "fine, but I still don't want him but I don't want daddy to take him back to the train tracks." Mom smiled at me and told me to give him a bath, feed him and let him sleep at our house tonight and we'd talk about what to do with him tomorrow.

I guess it was cleaning him up, seeing his beautiful white and golden brown hair coloring that made me realize he wasn't an ugly dog after all it was just he was dirty and I couldn't see his true beauty. I knew after I had cleaned him up I wanted to keep him but I didn't want mom and dad to know that for what ever reason. He was so happy to be clean, even as thin as he was he bounced all over the living room showing off how happy he was to be clean. I asked my dad if he had a name and dad said they called him Sparky. I didn't bother to ask why but the named seemed to fit him so that's what I called him.

We took him to the vet got his shots and he quickly put weight on and turned to be a very great dog. Sparky was very smart too. I taught him how to shake paws, sit, lay down and roll over. I had a walking news paper route and even taught him to go get news papers that I missed the porch and put the paper on the porch.

I loved that dog so, so, so much. I was collecting for my papers one Saturday, and Sparky was a few houses behind me (society was not as restrictive back then, you could let your dog run lose AND not have to pick up his poo back then) and one of my customer's daughters was speeding down the street and before I knew it I instinctively knew she was goin to hit Sparky. I think I even yelled his name when I saw her speeding past cause I knew what was goin to happen. I knew it for sure, that she had hit him, when I heard him yelp. Dad spent a lot of money keepin him on life support and dad said he'd keep payin for the life support but he'd not live if they took him off life support so I told dad to tell em to take him off the life support.

To think that when me and Sparky met I hated him and thought he was the ugliest thing I had ever met and then he ended up being one the best things in my life and was ripped from me the way he was and he still had a lot of years ahead of him.

To hate something, then realize it's a rare gem, then have it ripped from you is a very, very, very painful thing. Unfortunately, I have had too many of such things that were beautiful ripped from me.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Quite a thought-full tale... and a reality to treasure.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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"perfect *they* stick their tongues out"

:) another little side edit (your work is great so if I find grammatical errors it is only to make it more precise to the reader).

Posted 5 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Courtney Hough

5 Months Ago

Thanks for reading and the little corrections! I seriously appreciate it! I literally write these as.. read more
J. B.

5 Months Ago

I just wrote a new erotica piece. I would love some feedback if you can give it :)
Awesome poem...I love the flow of how told your tale, a melancholy feel and ambience to this read...and I truly enjoy that. :)

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Courtney Hough
Courtney Hough


Writing is easy all you do is sit down...and bleed. Imagery is the best way for me to express how I feel, nothing is better then getting to know a different side of yourself. Poetry pulled me out of t.. more..

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