Little Dancer

Little Dancer

A Poem by Courtney Hough

Written for a family member who had more faith in God then anyone. Written while they were battling cancer.

Will I ever be good enough?
A question we always pounder.
If I'm not what you want,
I'll look further yonder.

I've learned that to some,
you'll amount to a speck of dust.
But you'll mean the heavens to most,
those are the one's you can trust.

You may feel worthless,
for a time or two.
I promise I get it,
I'm just like you.

You wonder to yourself,
Am I exactly what they want?
If you ask me that question,
to you I'll be very blunt.

No one has your talents,
No one has your beautiful soul.
No one can do your dance,
that's in your control.

Remember the worth of souls,
is great in the sight of our God.
Practice his dance,
Hold to his dancing rod.

For every question you have,
this can always be an answer.
I'm choreographed in the dance of life
God's the writer, You're the dancer.

He knows this dance,
He planned it so well.
But you have your choices,
and practice will show and tell.

Your more then good enough,
you've danced life's Swan Lake.
You have other dancer's with you,
to push you on from a mistake.

You have a coach,
he'll help if you ask.
he will teach you how,
to preform the impossible task.

I've preformed my final show,
flowers at my feet.
and into our coaches arms,
where we once again meet.

"Welcome home my child,
A job well done!
You never danced alone
Meet the savior, my son"

As our eyes will meet 
I'll remember you carrying me
"My sister I love you, welcome home"
He says while finally embracing me.

© 2018 Courtney Hough

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Is this a ballet? I like the life metaphor. Often things that are difficult are a good comparison for life.

Posted 4 Days Ago

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They laugh because I'm different; I laugh because they're all the same. Lol oh hell that made me laugh. We find our own worth as we age In the smiles returned by those we touch.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Art is a dance
A choice
A life

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Courtney Hough

1 Month Ago

thanks for reading and reviewing:)
Why waste your time learning to gain the affections and admiration when there are lots of people out there who would treat you like gold. Sometimes, you just have to look deep down sometimes and wonder, are they worth it? Nice piece!

Posted 1 Month Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Courtney Hough

1 Month Ago

thanks for the review!

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Courtney Hough
Courtney Hough


Writing is easy all you do is sit down...and bleed. Imagery is the best way for me to express how I feel, nothing is better then getting to know a different side of yourself. Poetry pulled me out of t.. more..