Uncover Chapter 1

Uncover Chapter 1

A Book by Courtney Hough

This is the first chapter of my four book saga. I'm trying to get it published. This has a copyright and so is the book cover. Text alignment and writerscafe doesn't cooperate.


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Author's Note

Courtney Hough
Chapter One

It’s hard to think I’m ‘crazy’ when this is the only thing I have known. I was sent to a mental institution when I was eight clear across the country. Why would that happen to such a young girl you ask? Well let me tell you.
Being from Cannon Beach, a small town on the Oregon coast with a population of sixteen hundred people, word spreads around town fast. You see, my Mom was what you would call a ‘people pleaser.’ The fact that her eight-year old daughter saw people who were not there was a big problem for her. She was the definition of perfect. A gorgeous house, petite, handsome husband, cute kids one crazy but a perfect two-year old named Angela (but she’s all about appearances, right?) and the most beautiful face. My Mother had these gray piercing eyes that I share, jet black short hair, perfect olive skin that glistened when she wore sundresses and the most beautiful clothes.
With the way that I’m talking about her you probably think I loved her. Well, in a way, she is my mom of course but she had this distaste for me. I remember that my Father was the one to care for me most. He would sit me on this window bench he had in his music room every night before bed to sing Angela and I to sleep. My mom would come in all smiles to grab Angela but when she turned to look at me her face was flat. I guess you could say the reason I didn’t get shipped off sooner was because of my Dad. But even he had to have line where he thought I needed help.
It first began when I was four or five. My mother decorated in Victorian fashion with our home almost gaudy and a way to show how well off we were. The walls were a soft yellow with white trim around the ceiling and middle of the wall. She had the white chairs with buttons on them and wooden detail around the tops and the legs. The furniture was striking and the soft green curtains and rug gave it that perfect touch. One day, I was walking by the room and there were a few people sitting on the chairs. They looked so out of place in a room like that. One women was dressed in rags and face was dirty and the man looked the same. I sat down to talk to them as my parents watched me talking to what they described as no one. My Dad just thought I had imaginary friends but they were all too real. They spoke to me about where they had lived and now where they are. They said it was a beautiful place but they could go no further. It wasn’t uncommon for me to see them and others walking around my house. They were just as real as my family, I could see them, they could see us.
The years passed with this becoming just a part of my life. I had only a couple of friends in town that I would play with every so often but my mom wouldn’t let me leave the house often. My schedule was school then straight home. My eighth birthday was the domino that started everything. My home was across a little forest that lead to the ocean. Dad made a fence that went around our home and built a swing set out front so we could see the ocean at times. It was that day when I was out swinging that I met her. Lilly. She was just a year older than me so we instantly became friends swinging that day and as the sun was setting on us she told me why she sought me out. She needed my help. She had told me what had happened to her and asked me to tell my parents everything she had told me. “I’m in a bad place Adri. I need help.” She told me as she disappeared.
That very night I went into my parents and had told them what had happened to her. Mom looked at Dad and started to yell while tears came from her eyes falling down her cheeks. “I can’t do this anymore!” She walked into the other room as Dad followed her.
“Stay here Adri.” he said.
I could hear them whispering as I went to the wall, “do you know what they are saying about us? We are the parents of an Ill girl Ron!”
“Are you worried for her? Or about what they will think of you Elise?”
“Are you kidding me?” She exchanged back, “she needs help. What eight- year old talks about someone being kidnapped, raped and dying in a basement?” They were quite for a few moments. “I’m calling.”
A couple days went by and there was a knock at my door. “Hello, I’m Doctor Linz, we spoke on the phone about Adri.” Dad was standing in the door as I sat on a chair in the kitchen. It was a stormy night and I was in my rain boots and coat with a couple of suitcases my Dad had packed me. “May I come in.” He was a tall thinner man with dark hair to his shoulders and glasses. He came in with a woman who had a notebook and an Older man.
“I’m Theo.” He stuck his hand out to my Dad. “I own Saint Anne’s. Williamston will be the perfect place for her.” He was a very large man with no hair and a big white beard. “We got all her paperwork from her primary physician and everything is ready to go.”
Dr. Linz walked over to me sitting on the chair, “Hello Adri, I’m Doctor Linz.” He stuck out his hand and mine went out to shake his. “You’re going to come with me okay?”
“Okay.” I stood up with tears in my eyes grabbing my little purple suitcase as he grabbed the larger one. I looked around the room, my mother was just standing there crossing her arms staring at me with no emotion. My feet shuffled to the door.
“I’ll see you soon angel.” Dad dropped to his knees hugging me. I felt a tear hit my neck. He kissed my head and stood back up turning around for my rain hat that matched my pink coat. “Please, take care of her.”
“Always.” Linz said.
We headed out the door to a black SUV parked in front of the front gate. Linz helped me into the middle seat of the car as the women came and sat on the opposite side of me. Dad came out into the rain and watched. My eyes went to the kitchen window and my Mom was standing and staring before she dropped the blinds. Linz came in the car and I couldn’t see my Dad anymore but I could hear him, “I love you!”
And with that we were off to North Carolina. Theo was right the city wasn’t much bigger then where I came from but that wouldn’t matter because I was going to Saint Anne’s. It was in the middle of the country and forest surrounding. No buildings around for miles. It was a huge three story red brick building that almost looked like a star. There are five wings to Saint Anne’s that spread out from the center, like a stars’ points. The middle was admitting and visitation. First wing was for veterans suffering from PTSD. It was lower security. Second, was for the criminally insane, murderers who plead insanity. Third, was for people with special needs whose family couldn’t take care of them. It was lower security as well where they could come and go with a handler. Fourth, was for the mentally unstable or delusional with high security like second wing. And lastly, fifth wing was where the staff would sleep and live during their week.
Fourth wing is what I got to call home. Pulling up the big double black doors was nerve racking, but, I had a couple of nurses waiting to escort me to my new home. So, this is where I am today. I’m seventeen and grew up in a nut house.

These beds are so boring. I thought to myself as I sat on it looking around my room. I let my body fall back as I looked at the ceiling wondering if they were ever going to paint this white brick. My room wasn’t that small, big enough for me, my bed, a closet and a desk with a chair. I got up to look at myself on the mirror behind my bathroom door. I was one of the patients that had more privilege here. Not once have I ever tried anything, I took the meds they gave me, went to bed when they told me, haven’t tried to hurt myself and most importantly never tried to leave, so for that I got a mirror, I could walk around the building and the grounds, nurses would take me out for clothes now and then just as long as I went to my daily sessions, which it was almost time for. I decided to get dressed into my favorite gray sweatshirt that matched my eyes. It was an off the shoulder the top which made it a little more fun. I slipped on some black skinny jeans and some white converse.
My hair hadn’t been done yet so I slipped into my bathroom and looked at myself. I had my Mom’s eyes and looked a lot like her the only exception, I was taller and had much longer hair. I hurried and put my hair up into a ponytail and looked at myself again, “time for the shrink!”
It was nice being able to wear normal clothes. I felt more like a person then a patient and that was how I liked it. I headed down the long white hallway to a desk where my nurse was sitting so she could give my pills. There was a big door that had to be unlocked by them that separated the doctors from us. The buzz sounded and I heard it unlock. I gave the nurse back the paper cups and opened my mouth so she could check I took my meds. I continued down the blue carpet until I came to his door which he was leaning against. Didn’t he have anything better to do then wait for me? “You are ten minutes late.” He had a deeper voice but it was very calm. Linz hadn’t changed much since I first met him but I figured he would look better if he was married. He was around six foot and I was closer to five foot seven. I still had to look up to him.
Linz wasn’t that bad looking, he had dark brown hair that was longer then I feel like any mans should be. It was thick and shaggy and went down to his earlobes. The one thing that bothered me was the long caterpillar he had for an eyebrow. I could get over his front snaggletooth easily it was just that eyebrow I couldn’t stand, I would tease him regularly about it of course. He still had his glasses that hid his beautiful green eyes. I would guess him to be late forties. I’ve looked him up before and it said he was the youngest therapist in history but I couldn’t read the rest of the article because some patient abused the computers and got them taken away from the rest of us. Idiot.
“Well you were closer to being on time today Adrianna.” He had a smile as he unlocked his door. He usually wore his plaid shirts (like he did today) and cargo pants. He once told me that he thought If he wore a suit it would make him look more superior to his patients.
“Can we get this over with? I’ve got so much to do.” I said sarcastically.
He just nodded and smiled holding the door open. “Of course, then you get to do it all over again Thursday!” He snickered.
I stopped in the doorway, “Do you ever plan on having eyebrows? It’s pretty common to have two instead of one. It would do wonders for you!”
“Then you wouldn’t have anything to look at!” He joked. I guess it wasn’t that bad just lots of little hairs in the middle but still something needed to be done about it. “Shall we?” He extended his hand into his office.
Linz’s office was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t the ugly white walls and blue carpet. The wall behind his desk was a dark red and the rest of the walls were a chocolate brown. The lighting was very warm and calm. His office was big. The desk itself was in a J shape and he had a few chairs on the other side. He had hardwood flooring in his office and in the back, were two black leather couches with a coffee table separating them and a chair off to the side of one next to a table and lamp. This is where he usually sat but I beat him to it. He just smiled setting a glass of water next to the tissue box on the table next to me. He went and sat on the couch across from me and propped up his clipboard clicking his pen. “So, Adrianna.”
“Adri.” I corrected. I hated when he called me by my full name. I felt like I was in trouble.
“Okay, Adri.” He crossed his leg and sat his board down on it. “Have you heard anymore voices? Seen anyone lately…Lilly perhaps?”
I couldn’t answer his question as I was too distracted by his tooth today.
“Adri.” He called out.
I snapped out of it and looked at him, “Oh sorry.”
“Did you hear me?”
“Yes, sorry I was distracted.”
“Well?” He began clicking his pen and I was ready to chuck a pillow at him but he was clever and knew how to get me to talk. He knew I hated that noise and to get it to stop I needed to talk.
“I haven’t seen her in person since that day. I keep seeing her in my dreams though. We are always walking through a forest.” I stopped for a moment to remember this human like women. “There is a new one that I’ve started to see every now and again, just a glimpse.”
“Can you describe her?”
She was a little harder to describe since I’ve not seen anything like her. “She extremely tall and would tower over you. She’s pure white. Her eyes are piercing with no color or pupils. Just white and nothingness. She has extremely faint blonde hair and her skin is a porcelain white. Her face emotionless she just stares. She has a glowing white robe that she wears.” I stopped to think of the nightmare I had a few nights ago and didn’t tell him about. “She has a kind of crown the rests on her head like a headband and it’s a faint silver. One night she lashed at me and she has these sharp looking teeth, they’re human but not in a way. I see her in dreams and person from time to time.” I stopped for a moment shaking my head and began to laugh. “She has wings.”
“So, she’s an angel?”
“No, she’s sinister looking. She’s no angel. I can’t tell you what she is.”
Linz was watching my every move, trying to read my body language. “Is Lily ever angry at you? Treat you different?” He uncrossed his legs and leaned forward. “Does she feel like you let her die?” He looked at me and then began to write. I bet my file is huge seeing how much he writes in our sessions.
I looked down playing with my fingers in my hands. “No, not angry.” Trying to find the words to describe what I saw from her was hard. “Sad, I think. Wishes she was alive and that I could have saved her.”
“Adri, do you believe Lilly is a real girl?”
This was one of the questions I hated most. “I’ve told you a million times I know she was alive, I just know.”
“Okay then, could you describe in detail what she looks like?” He asked me this question once a month and would write down my answer word for word. I knew he knew damn well what she looked like. This frustrated me. Almost like he didn’t believe me or he was trying to spot inconsistency to prove I was making her up.
“Again, with this one.” I let out a sigh. “Ready?” He just looked at me. “She is still nine years old stuck in time. She’s got short brown hair that hits her collar bone that is flipped out at the ends. Her face is like a little pixie with green eyes and little freckles on her cheeks over her nose. She’s a skinny little girl, not like her parents abused her or anything, but she was active. She wasn’t much taller than me as a child maybe five foot maybe a bit shorter. She had fair skin but pink little cheeks. She was wearing a white shirt with little green flowers across the chest. Her shorts matched the green of the flowers with white sneakers.” I stopped to look at him. “Want more detail?”
He was still writing, “nope that’s enough.” I was hoping he meant that was enough for the day but I’m not that lucky. “Can you tell me what you told your parents? What happened?”
Doctor Linz sat in silence with sincere eyes while he looked at me. My fingers were fidgeting with my hair. This was such an uncomfortable topic for me because I watched it in my dreams, first hand. I stood up and walked to the giant window that looked over a pond and put both my hands on the window frame watching the ducklings. It was a beautiful day out too beautiful to be talking about this. “I’m not crazy.” I managed to spit out. Afterwards I had to take a few moments to breath. “This haunts me every day because I couldn’t save her.” My mind started to replay it in my head as it slowly appeared before my eyes, like ghosts. “Lilly told me she was from Coeur d’Alene a small town in Idaho close to the Canadian border. It’s a town where you wouldn’t expect this to happen.” Lilly’s smoky image appeared next to the pond as my memories flooded in. “She was catching fireflies in her backyard next to the forest.” A smile came from my lips as she was running with her jar. Seeing her laughing, smiling, playing and running around. “She had a big yard that connected to the forest. Her parents were sitting on the deck watching the sunset as she played. They told her she needed to come in soon as they got up and walked inside for a few moments.” My voice started to break, “he grabbed her from behind and hit her head so she couldn’t scream for help!” Doctor Linz got up and moved to his desk reaching for more paper as he sat behind it.
I turned to look at him and walked to his desk sitting in one of the chairs while my bottom lip quivered. He handed me a tissue. “You’re safe here.”
“She opened her eyes to an intense pain! She felt her innocence ripping away! No matter how much she screamed it just made him laugh and slap her face. He would scream and tell her to shut up and just made it hurt worse for her!” My voice started to get louder “And when he was done he left her naked on the cold cement floor chained to a wall that had a hook. There was a small window that had a crack and let the cool air in.” I wiped my eyes and looked back up at him. “He would have his way with her and even filmed it. Her little body was bruised from head to toe and purple from the cold.” I stopped talking for a moment and looked into his concerned eyes. “About a week later she heard the basement door open and his footsteps down the stairs. She was on the ground so weak from the raping and beating she could hardly lift her head.” My eyes got wider as a continued. “He had a bat in his hands and kicked while laughing telling her to look at him.” I started to breathe faster choking on my tears. “He hit her in the head and though her body went limp she wasn’t dead! She said she was almost watching above as he hit her again and again. The fifth blow did it and she felt she was being dragged up and away from her body.” I looked at him again, “That was two days after I told my parents. She wanted my parents to call and tell the police where I was.”
“What happened after that?” Reaching for my arm and I moved it closer. I needed that reassurance that I was ok.
“Mom called Theo and you came to get me.” My crying had let up. “I guess hearing their eight-year old talk about those details is troubling.”
“Adri?” He paused almost looking for the words. “You talk of her as if she was real…that is troubling.”
I quickly stood up and ripped my arm away. He looked prepared for a snappy remark. “Listen, I’m not going to lie to you. After the computer area was shut down you left your office unlocked. I snuck in and looked her up and not to my surprise she was there. She was on a missing children poster just as I had described. Lilly Porter. Look her up. You have my description of her and it hasn’t changed since the first day I came here. I’m sure you have the dates on them. I knew it was her before I even looked on there. It is proof that I am not lying.”
He stopped and looked at the clock. “Well Adri I’m going to let you out early. Go enjoy the sun.” He was in deep thought otherwise he wouldn’t try to get rid of me.
I walked towards the door, “See you Thursday.” I walked out and began shutting the door as he waived and picked up the phone.
My journal was with me as I usually take it. I went outside and sat under the giant oak next to the pond and began to write.
November 14, 2011
I hate always having that feeling that everyone thinks I’m crazy. Honestly, I’m
terrified to go to sleep lately. That white women…my memories. I feel so guilty
not being able to help her. But the guilt and misery I have is wondering if I
actually belong here? I’m I making myself believe I found her online? Snaggle tooth
is starting to question it as well I think. He’s probably looking her up right now
that or calling Theo saying I need to be moved to another wing and be put in a
I feel like Lilly is almost my protector now or something. I feel safe when she is
near and I choose to believe that every ray of sunshine is her touching me in
reality. Telling me I’m no crazy and I’m okay. I’ve been having this feeling since
I’ve seen the white women that there will be another. Another one like Lilly, does
that make sense? No? of course it doesn’t. It just feels like it's starting again.

The sun was setting as I walked back to my room I waited at the desk on the side where the Doctor’s offices were. They had to check that I didn’t sneak anything in or blah blah blah. This new nurse reminded me of a Barbie doll. She had on makeup and long blonde hair. She was gorgeous but honestly, she was a bimbo. She wouldn’t let me into the wing until one of my favorite nurses made her open the door. Linz was waiting on the other side of the doors talking to the nurse at the desk. He had a keycard that let him in and out of everywhere in this building. “Can I walk you to your room?”
He had a notebook in his hands and a pen. “If she comes to you tonight I want you to write everything in this notebook. We reached my door and he was still talking to me. “Do not leave anything out. Then tomorrow I want you to come to my office. Sleep well Adri.”
He handed me the book and started to walk away. “Linz.” He turned around to look at me. “Thanks for how you listened today.”
He smiled and waved, “always.” That was his word when he honestly cared.
I stood at my door for a moment watching him walk down the hallway trying to figure him out. He may have had good timing on getting me this. That feeling I wrote about in my journal was so strong writing down what happens tonight might help me figure myself out.
I went into my room and changed into some basketball shorts and a sports bra. It is so humid here even with A/C not to mention I get night sweats lately. My eyes were looking at the ceiling, “See you soon.”

Leaves were crunching under my feet and the owls were singing in the night. The wind blew softly through my hair. I had been in this forest before but not this deep. Winding through trees that were as tall as buildings I came upon a little clearing. There was a light fog on the ground which made everything a little harder to see but I could see the red and yellow leaf pile ahead. A twig snapped behind me causing me to jump! “I’m sorry Adri.” She apologetically said.
“I thought you would have been walking with me.” I said looking down at her flushed face. She had a look on it I hadn’t seen for years. It was the same one she had when she told me what had happened. Pale, lost, concerned and serious. Even though I had grown up Lilly stayed the same as how she died, however, her mannerisms were so refined now.
“I’m sorry I wasn’t with you Adri.”
“Where were you? Where are we?”
Lilly looked at me and headed for the leaf pile as I followed her. She hovered her hand over it. “I can’t even touch my own body. My family can’t feel me, they can’t feel my warmth.” She looked up at me. We were standing next to where he dumped her. “Funny thing is these leaves, no matter how hard the wind blows, will not leave my body and they will not die.”
I reached my arm out and touched her little hand wanting her to feel warmth again. Letting her feel alive for but a moment. “Why come here? Why put yourself through this.”
“Adri, you need to listen to me. This doesn’t just involve us anymore.” I was quite and let her speak. She looked deep into my eyes and lead me to a stump to sit. “Yes, it is happening again. I was just the beginning.”
“What do you mean?”
“Adrianna,” she never used my full name. “Do not interrupt time is short. Got it?” I nodded to her. I have never seen her this serious.
‘There is another like me that you intended to help. It is crucial that you save him. He is not dead yet…but grows close. You have hardly any time, maybe a couple weeks if everyone sticks to the path they are on…minds can change.”
“I don’t under—“
--“Don’t interrupt!” She collected her thoughts. “MS-13 has him in New York City. But it’s not the gang you need fear. The white women.” She paused and looked from side to side. “This is the start of something bigger. You are so much bigger. I had to die.” She paused. “There is so much but one better then I will have to explain. Adri, Desmond. He is a key and so are you.”
“What happens if I don’t make it. Who is she?”
“Linz was correct in a way. She is Emma a Fallen Angel and earth’s time for enslavement is coming close.” Leaves started to crunch and white smoke was slowly fading in. “I’ve told you more than I was allowed but you need to save him.” She looked at the smoke. “She is close.”
Lilly once told me there are other angels. Higher angels who kept those like her in line. I had heard of the battle before time but I wasn’t sure if that is what she was talking about. “Angels higher?”
“Yes, you are not alone in your dreams anymore.” She grabbed my arms as the smoke came slowly forward. “Listen, they are torturing him. Higher angels are pulling his spirit out so he won’t die, but they can only do this for so long. The body can die still but this will prolong it. He can still feel the pain but it is much less. They did it to me.” She looked back towards her body. “You have maximum of eight days before hell literally comes to earth.” She looked at me, “Got it?”
“Where do I even start? How do I get out of here? Lilly, I cannot walk out the front door. I’m trapped in a nuthouse if you haven’t noticed.”
“I know you are but The Parents have planned and placed those who you will need.” The Parents I thought to myself. “Adri, the world and we had to come from somewhere. They are our creators. Linz is your ticket. Do what he tells you. He has always believed you and has a background that will help you. Tell him he printed out my picture and it is in the top right drawer. Tell Linz Maryann needs him to help you she wants him to believe so he can feel her again. More will be revealed as Angels guide your way. They are warriors, however, your dreams are not safe anymore. You can’t sleep like this anymore. Do not sleep longer than two to three hours or she will find you and whatever happens in here will happen physically to you. You can be manipulated in dreams. For instance; you will not need to write this down, you already have. He will come to protect you and he will tell you more. I love you.”
I could feel myself being pulled away from her as she stood watching me leave. The surroundings were spinning and becoming smaller till there was nothing.

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