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testing 1 2 3

A Story by ighost03

needed to smile that day

a short man emerges from a curtain, he walks towards a podium with a
cluster of papers in his hands. He shuffles the papers to break through
his nervousness, but it wasn't working very well. Some sweat rolled
down his forehead and sat in his brow. The annoying feeling broke his
concentration, once he made it to the microphone. He sat the papers
down in a hurry and flustered through his suit pockets for his cloth.
He dabbed the sweat from his face, trying to be civilized with it. He
sorted through his papers one last time, the rustle of frustration
could be heard in a faint echo through the microphone. He then spoke
into the fuzzy microphone. His words cut through the crowd like a warm
knife to butter. The listeners were hypnotized by his words, and
watched on with pure awe. The man was amazed, shocked...flabbergasted
at his work. The more he thought about how perfect everything was, the
more unfathomable it seemed. Then he sneezed into the microphone.....

© 2010 ighost03

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The description of a nervous speaker before he makes his speech is good and detailed. I could picture it well in my mind and it is humourous. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Reading this made me smile too! :)
I liked your descriptions, and thought that your choice of words were really effective and creative. I could totally imagine the scene playing out in my head, because of the amount of detail that you put into describing the situation.
This man was a really intriguing character, and in a way, his nervousness reminded me of myself when I first started to perform at open mic nights, and how nervous I used to be before going on stage, wanting everything to be perfect. :P
There were several grammatical mistakes, in particular, where you kept on changing between present and past tense (I think this might have been near the beginning), but nonetheless, this was a really humorous, well-written story.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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