A Story by ighost03

a bunch of random things i wrote when i was bored, and needed to smile

i'm in a living hell, makes me wonder if i'm alive  i cant seem to bring myself to figure out why, your all fucked and over rated. i think i'm gonna be sick and it's all your fault.  i haven't slept since i woke up and found my whole life was a lie mother f****r.  this is the end of everything, you are the end of everything.  You carry on like a holy man pushing redemption i don't wanna mention, in the middle of darkness there's a light.  I'd spread the wings of lime and make it all but crumble away for you, if we could watch it together decay.    but i bet you'll never come down from your tower for me.  your wings are tired, you cannot get there from here.  i hope your f*****g happy 

agression, it's the beast hammer.  boldly leading to so many sucess stories.  common as it is, it's not the point of this blog, it just started with an A =D

So what is the point of this babbling on then?  Truthfully, i have no idea.  Unless there is no point.  No, that's ludacris.  Obviously though, we knew that part.  perhaps i should have planned what to write... Ha! i don't flow that way.  just because this is pointless doesn't make it pointless!

the untitled
life is a maze, there a fork in the road here, an intersection there, and a 4 way merger just after that.  oh s**t, what's that, you took a wrong turn?  now where are you....somewhere between me and you?  don't think i know that road, go strait...oh you can't, umm, turn down you.  Now where are you?  okay, you and here.... i think here runs into there, so take here, get on there, then turn off at us.   What?!! construction at us??! well s**t then, jump the rail, run south until you find a sign that reads "you done fucked up, welcome to hades".  i'll see what i can do to meet you there.

© 2010 ighost03

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Added on January 6, 2010
Last Updated on January 6, 2010




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