Nameless Chaos

Nameless Chaos

A Story by ighost03

just the beginning to a story i was writing


Each step he took sent his darkness into the soil, corrupting the seeds of life.  His jagged soul cried in silence as he continued.  The silence that surrounds his body spreads to every cadaver left in his wake.  The once majestic forest he treads in today will never be the same.  Many trees have already given into the tenacious grip of agony.  This plagued forest is now his save haven for chaos.  The trees are his ears, listening to what the wind carries in.  Birds are now his airborne scouts.  This is a fine place indeed to construct the masses of destruction.

The rising sun illuminates the land, wakening all it shines upon.  The warmth of the light races across the green hills of Nibdra.  It blankets everything and fills the world with joy and hope, sense that seems to have gone extinct in this time of life.  Birds all flock to the vastness of the open plains radiant attraction.  Their harmonic chirps echo over the lands, only adding a touch of melody to their song.

Their music rests on deaf ears, except for Grimlock’s.  He hears a story spoken to his heart amongst the soft music.  It tells a tale of a dieing world pivoted against a force of darkness.  But before the music can close with its joyful ending, Grimlock is crushed down by a piercing echo.  The whistle slays his soul, and murders the music alike.  His soul becomes filled with ache, the ache of the world.

“My sweet serenade, you must sing the end to me, before I meet my end.” Grimlock forces from his lips among the agony of his dieing spirit.

Soon after he mutters, the whistle stops.  A cloud in the sky so high brushes in front of the sun.  Yet another bittersweet day forced to a tragic gesture of life.


In the living space held above the world, many stars dot the black canvas.  They add depth to the sky, making it obvious all hope truly is out of arms reach.  Tonight is something different though.  The stars trickle into glyphs, forming one after another almost instantly.  Spectacular as it may be, it’s just another rare beauty to go unseen…almost.  Looking on with awe and amazement is Jez.  Her hypnotic green eyes are in denial of what is happening.  She pushes her glowing yellow hair from her face to avoid distraction.  Before long, the glyphs are completed.  Jez is flabbergasted, unable to believe she is cursed forever.  A plague of ash infects her eyes, corrupting them to dark nothingness.  Her eyes are smeared with a glittery black hash that contains the stars in their perfect glyph formation.

© 2010 ighost03

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Added on January 6, 2010
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