Undoing Knightship

Undoing Knightship

A Story by ighost03

an excerpt from the Reaver's diary, more then just simple poetry.


Witches, Vampyres and Warewolves... upon the setting sun, the vile creatures emerged from their darkened and damp scabs of the earth.  Knowing that I would become their prey, i had to find shelter, facing them on their ground means death even for the likes of me.  My trusted mace and long sword would prove to be useless against their manacle powers of the nether realm.  To make matters worse, my visage of corruption was beginning to blur my vision.  If the soul could bleed, i'd of bled to death to by now.  I refused to be taken in such a way, when my time comes i will take it with honor and a blade in my hand.  Little did i know that the most ferocious creature of the night was already tracking me.  My pace quicked on the trail as the sun inched behind the mountains in the distance.  I came to an old farm house, desperate for my life and safety, i approached the candle lit home.  I was happily greeted by an old farmer is his wife.  They shared their tale with me, turns out all his children have all been taken to the front lines of the war.  The very war that stole my life.  I didn't care to tell him i was probably the one who took his children's life at their innocent age.  It was sins like that, that cought up to me moments later.  We heard the echo of horses in fear.  By this time, my curse had now fogged my mind, so i ventured out with the old farmer to see what is causing the ruckus.
    Vampyres are intelligent little b******s of the night, a common trick they play is to startle farm animals to lure a tired farmer out then feed on him.  That is just what happened this unholy night.  The vampyre leaped towards the farmer, i pushed him away as soon as i could.  The creature then lashed at me, it's claws left three large gouges in my leather chest piece.  I pulled out my mace and bashed it in the back as it turned towards the old farmer.  It let out a shriek of pain and winced towards me again.  The farmer then fled from the stable, i assume running to the house for a weapon of some sort, i may never know however.  The vampyre and i were in a duel to the death, with the odds heavily stacked in his favor.  It glided towards me with its long finger wrapped around my neck.  It tossed me through stacks of hay with little effort, i was nearly unable to defend myself even for the slightest amount of time.  Just before it's jaw set into my neck, it froze in place.  I pushed the solid body off of me, standing before me was a demon, but it remained dormant.  I jolted back once my eyes came to focus.  I reached for anything to defend myself, just then i hear a cryptic voice commanding me not to.  A female witch then stepped into the light where i can see her.  She recalls the demon pet to her pendant.  if one could examine it more closely, you would be able to see it was the Seal of Solomon.  I owe my life the mistress of the unknown.  Her magic and unholiness saved my life, perhaps i should rethink my goal of knightship for a more renegade one.  I learned that you should not fear the unknown, instead embrace it.

© 2010 ighost03

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Added on January 6, 2010
Last Updated on January 6, 2010
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